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  1. Still haven't received my member packet or what I have ordered.
  2. Anyone still updating this site? Seems dead around here. A lot of these topics need an update.
  3. Just checking has anyone asked Celtic Croft if they would like to be one of our merchants? I buy stuff from them all the time.
  4. Curious was I suppose to have received a membership card and packet in the mail after Joining? Haven't received anything yet.
  5. You are a Gunn by birth is your last name is either Gunn or one of the septs of the Clan. My Grandmother was a Wilson and a sept of the clan.
  6. Welcome from Highland Park, Los Angeles. Haven't had to chance to drop by yet.
  7. I have 1 in Black from UT Kilts and 1 Khaki Tactical kilt from d@mn Near Kilt Em. I also have 5 Tartan noggin wraps from Sport Kilt. Thinking my next kilt might be a Gunn Tartan from Sport Kilt or a Kilt from Stumptown Kilts.
  8. With my Black UT Kilt, I wear either my Japanese Jikatabi or my Black Knee high Moccasins. And Brown Hiking boots with my Khaki d@mn Near Kilt Em Tactical Kilt.
  9. Just started wearing the kilt, so far since the one I got last night. My total is 2.
  10. the d@mn Near Kilt em Tactical kilt is made from ripstop cotton. It's light weight. just wondering what my thinking was to order this kilt after it got cold here in Los Angeles.
  11. Just got my second kilt. I had ordered a d@mn Near Kilt Em Tactical kilt. It's thinner than my UT Kilts Deluxe kilt with comfort waist. Just need to wear it to see how it is to wear a lighter weight kilt. Anyone have any experience with d@mn Near Kilt em? Was wondering why they were not one of the Merchants.