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    The name comes from my affinity for recumbent bicycles. Since I'm very much one of those "different drummer" sorts, I figure that the notoriety resulting from wearing a kilt is just part of the game for me.

    I won't wear a kilt while I'm on my recumbent bicycles, though. I don't feel any need to embarrass the other guys with my willingness to express myself. Besides, the pleat material interferes with control of the bicycle.

    On the other hand, I've found that I can ride my old 3-speed whilst wearing my UK Workman's model, without creating any em-bare-assing moments.
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  1. The policy specifies "navy blue or black p@nt$, like Dickies or Dockers..." They won't allow denim.
  2. Oh, the store manager would be fine with me wearing a kilt and has said so. Sadly, it's a retail environment, and there is a published dress code/uniform standard (among other things, this suggests that a kilt that I would be able to get away with would be navy blue or nearly black, and I don't have a Utilikilts Workmans in black--yet). The HR harridan would have a hissy fit (although we don't see her on a daily basis--we are one of five or six stores in her district).
  3. At the time, I was more interested in returning to having a revenue stream than I was in making sure I could work in a kilt. Sometimes we don't have the luxury of saying, "I'll only work for you if I can wear a kilt." I don't have a money tree in my back yard, and don't assume anyone else does, either. And, to be fair, there are places where kilts aren't the best choice of work wear.
  4. I've been a little busy... Got laid off a week or two before Thanksgiving. Started the new job the Monday after Thanksgiving (at better pay than any job I've had for the last five years, and better than most I've had). Had three or four weeks at six-day work weeks (the overtime has been quite helpful...). We still have two Basset Hounds (Wilbur and Orville), and the key difference between raising two dogs and raising two kids (aside from that the dogs never grow up) is that I can take the dogs places on leashes and nobody gives me the stink-eye. Leash a kid? Now to get work to allow me to wear Utilikilts...
  5. IIRC, $50/yd is pretty good (the last time I priced Armstrong tartan, it was in the range of $75/yd).
  6. My wife's parents have a Border Collie. I refer to her as my "dog in law." Border Collies are very smart dogs, and can be over-achievers if trained well. They definitely need jobs to keep them busy.
  7. After many years of not feeling that I had a life that would be good for dogs, we now have two. To backtrack a bit, however, when I was a kid, we had a Basset Hound named Grover. He was, in many ways, a Basset's Basset. Many Basset people think Basset Hounds should have names with a certain ostentatious ring to them, and while Grover was part of our family, I happened on the thought that two Basset Hounds named after the Wright brothers would be fun. Fast forward to my fifty-fifth birthday a year and a half ago, and Jenn has been wanting another dog since Cisco passed away in 2013. We have Wilbur and Orville!
  8. I sure do like Newfies! Every one I've known has been a wonderful dog. Even the one described below: Many years ago, my stepfather and I did a lot of fence-building. On one job, there was a neighbor whose Newfie had run of the neighborhood (despite leash laws). The dog was a real sweetheart, and of course was curious about the noise we were making doing our work, so came over to inspect us. Over the time we were there, he figured out our morning tea/coffee break time, and made a point to be there in case cookies were available. There remained a place on the truck tailgate where "Newfie Drool" had taken away the paint (admitting that this was an early-70s Chevrolet pickup, and the paint was notorious on trucks of that era). Many happy days, months, and years for you and your new family member!!
  9. Probably not the line to have used in your situation, but I have had a guy give me guff about my kilt, in part to entertain his buddies. I looked him in the eye and said, so his buddies could hear, "Some guys need more room." His buddies proceeded to give HIM the guff.
  10. Sometimes the snap response IS the best. He dealt the hand, you just played it out. You had the better cards.
  11. The only Mead readily available to me here in Louisville KY is from Oliver Wines. It's certainly potable--even enjoyable--but I've no other meads to compare to it. My wife is quite fond of it. It's a special occasion pleasure.
  12. I saw them on their site the other day. I have to wonder, though, how they'd do on my super-wide feet (I wear 13EEEE most of the time).
  13. I lucked in to one of the few BoTK kilts from one of the earlier runs that actually looks good. Yes, it was pure luck. And it's pretty much my go-to kilt if I'm going to be wearing a sporran (most of my kilts are variations on the utility kilts). I have a Got-Kilt hybrid in Gordon, and I like it pretty well, too. So I can have the best of both worlds, and get a hybrid in BoTK now? SWEET!