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  1. I enjoy wearing my kilt to social functions. A good friend, and kilt owner by his own admission, asked me, "Why do you keep wearing a kilt all the time?" I just smiled and replied, "Why do you wear p@nt$?" I explained it was part heritage, part just being me, and a whole lot more comfortable than the constriction of jeans. Now that fall is arriving here in the Tennessee Valley, the cool breezes helped too.
  2. At long last I will be ordering a kilt in my maternal grandmother's clan tartan. I'll be ordering one of Sport Kilt's premium wool kilts in the MacEwan Ancient tartan. I would prefer the modern set, I think, just because it would be darker. But the ancient is what they offer. And hey, who knows maybe I'll decide I like the lighter pattern better. Regardless, it'll be another kilt I'll look good in and look forward to sporting around town. I'll continue to wear the US Army sport kilt for athletic events.
  3. Great post. My MacEwen line (maternal grandmother) came from Scotland in 1685 as part of the Covenanters who were allowed to leave for the "plantations." Landed in NJ but quickly headed south and eventually into Florida.
  4. Yesterday I competed in my first Highland Games competition at the Middle Tennessee Highland Games. I wasn't the only first timer but I was the oldest on the field at 50 years old. One of the two pros and top ten in the world athletes that were there pulled me aside and told me he thought he had started late at 40. All the Pros and Amateur A were really friendly and supportive. I did feel weird wearing something under my kilt.
  5. As I'm sitting here getting aquanted with my new 22# hammer from Old Celt I though t to myself, "good reason to sport my kilt." But honestly do you need a reason. I'm wearing my US Army tartan sports kilt out tonight just because. I guess I still have work to do to train my brain to just throw a kilt on as if it were a pair of jeans or shorts.
  6. I have had my 18# stone for practicing the Stone Put for quite a time now. And then I found an old pitchfork at a flea market and refurbished it. Yesterday I took my dedication to competing in Highland Games Athletic events to a new level. I ordered a 22# hammer from Old Celt. Guess I'm committed. In regards to that, and not bashing any man in a kilt, BUT, a heavy athlete looks much more manly than a male highland dancer in a kilt.
  7. I doubt anyone would argue that kilts and beer go together. That said, I also like trying various beers. Well if one goes to buy beer in a kilt, one must seriously consider a beer which keeps to the theme of men in kilts. Getting frustrated that I couldn't find an applicable beer I turned the last corner. And there it was. A beer with a man running in a kilt with a claymore (though a wee picture it is).
  8. Kerbyg


    As I played around with a photo for my blog banner I asked myself what I wanted to project about myself. In doing genealogical work I discovered my maternal grandmother's clan motto, REVIRESCO, meant "I grow strong again." I found that fitting as a Wounded Warrior Alumni. Thankfully I still have all of my appendages, though I was pretty well knocked around on more than one occasion and had a few surgeries along the way. I could have used a MacEwan's beer label to represent my fondness for the nector of the gods, a panorama of the Georgia property, or even a US Army banner. I went with the clan motto as it seems to sum up a lot about me. The struggle to physically be able to do things I used to be able to do, the strengthening of family ties through the family property, or even my ability to have more than 2 beers in one sitting...though I'll never funnel like I use to.
  9. Kerbyg

    KT the Kiltman video #1

    In regards to participating in Highland Games Athletic events, would you recommend wearing a sports kilt or a utility kilt? Right now I have one of each and was thinking of wearing the utility during athletic events and the sports kilt during the rest of the games.
  10. It seems that the more you wear the kilt, the more the world of Scottish things find you. And I'm not just talking about the Scottish restaurant known around the world. This morning it was off to the bookstore and low and behold the first book on a shelf as I begin looking is a 1978 copy of "The Scottish Clans and Their Tartans." Not quite as old as me but like me, still in good condition. Then, thanks to my wife's work, it was off to a free day at the zoo to include a free catered lunch. Low and behold, the Nashville Zoo has three Belted Galloways. The exact breed and number I want to have on the Georgia property on day.
  11. Once again the kilt was a hit, but with my bonnie knees how could it not be. I'm pretty confident that it impacted the way the meeting went. Obviously they realized that if I'm wearing a kilt I wasn't going to take any crap. But as a good leader I listened to the members and we came to some very good decisions. Kilts Rock!
  12. I have laid out my US Army tartan kilt which I will don in a little while. I expect parts of our vintage base ball club's meeting tonight could become heated. So why not go forward into battle in the colors of the service I retired from. in case you may wonder, that is a Clan MacEwen kilt pin. I will also have my bonnet with its antique silver clan badge. Other than that...all casual - clan t shirt and leather boots.
  13. As I sit here, unfortunately not in my kilt, I once again have issues with computer based activities. Maybe the problem is I am not in one of my kilts. The computer sees me as just another p@nt$ wearing bozo that doesn't have the balls to face it in a kilt. It's times like these I just want to move to a small farm, put a stone and toss a sheaf during my day, and enjoy a pint in the cool evening air...all while wearing a kilt.
  14. Ok, so on September 10th I will competing in my first Highland Games...the Middle Tennessee Highland Games. At 50 let's call it a bucket list. But being a disabled vet I'm also challenging myself. Any recommendations other than to just go out there and have fun.

    I have done a wee bit of practice with an 18lb stone and I have a pitchfork to work with. I know I won't make it past the 1st round of events but honestly I just want to throw a stone in my kilt. Any recommendations from those of you out there that are more professional Highland Games Athletes? Who knows, maybe it will be a new calling.

    1. KT


      there is something rather theraputic about throwing heavy things while kilted.  Don't worry about how you place first time out, the only person I know who ever won a highland games the first time was Chuck Norris.

    2. Kerbyg


      My only goal is to have fun...if I place it'll be because there are 3 or less of us competing


    3. KT


      that is the best way to look at it!  Enjoy!