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  1. Ok, so on September 10th I will competing in my first Highland Games...the Middle Tennessee Highland Games. At 50 let's call it a bucket list. But being a disabled vet I'm also challenging myself. Any recommendations other than to just go out there and have fun.

    I have done a wee bit of practice with an 18lb stone and I have a pitchfork to work with. I know I won't make it past the 1st round of events but honestly I just want to throw a stone in my kilt. Any recommendations from those of you out there that are more professional Highland Games Athletes? Who knows, maybe it will be a new calling.

    1. KT


      there is something rather theraputic about throwing heavy things while kilted.  Don't worry about how you place first time out, the only person I know who ever won a highland games the first time was Chuck Norris.

    2. Kerbyg


      My only goal is to have fun...if I place it'll be because there are 3 or less of us competing


    3. KT


      that is the best way to look at it!  Enjoy!