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  1. last september i whent for the fist time to my scottish(well more celtic) event i whent as a representant of my clan (clan Macleod), i had alot of fun and liked to go there next year ill go once again i'm sure (but will try to have more money so i can enjoye the launch meal ) here a picture of me in my macleod of lewis with the head of my society in my area he is wearing his personal (registred) tartan
  2. sadly i got abit fatter the jacket fit (but cant attach it and the waistcoat i ant even button the 2 or 3 last botton one so dont wear it all my kilt still fit me but intead of like this one being on smallest size its now 2nd smallest
  3. some seller you need a code you contact Kt and he give you a code (Example to buy on sport kilt or on got-kilt ) i got a discount code from KT
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    Myself wearing my first kilt ( polyviscose) heritage of scotland, wiht my new purchase (argyll Jacket , taken in the restaurant where i work(mcdonald), on my day off , picture taken by someone i know that was there .
  5. wellcome to the kilted world from a fellow kilted folks from Québec Canada
  6. Hi all i need help to choose wish hose i should order for my newly ordered kilt (dress gordon ) that i got from for those who dont know what tartan it is here the tartan in question i need to get hose to wear with it but i dont wanna use either black hose, or ecru or white witch color of hose do guys think would lok the best wiht that tartan here the collor i can get my hose presently Sky blue royal blue navy blue gold white black red forest green gray marroon brown orange pink and kelly green but i dont think pink, orange , red so the one hi think would match is sky blue royal blue navy blue forest green kelly green gold and maybe gray i wear ecru hose for my heritage of scotland wish is one reason why i dont wanna select that color(i wear those cause i have black flashes) i wear green (lovat and green bottle for my macdonald tartan so i would like maybe 2 collors to vary the collors of the hose thanks in advance for your help
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    congradulation on the future baby
  8. there is dress code we have an uniform ( even the girls cant wear dress or skirt to work its pants and polo shirt for every one ( its mcdonald restaurant so same uniform even in usa if i remember and in a kitchin full of frying chicken , i wouldn't wear a kilt to work it would start smelling frying smell for the job interview i was in pants but the staff knew me already and have seen me i kilt many time the event that i said i wore my kilt was the a hollyday staff meal. where they announce each of the 3 restaurant employee of the year. and mention who has been working 1 5 10 15 ect years
  9. hi all first sorry if i make some mistake in my english writing im french speaking and english is my 2nd language) my name is Carl girard since a few years now i wear kilts when i wan tthat i can wear at those momments( example even if want to wear it wile im workin there is a uniformso i cant wear kilt there even the girls have to wear the p@nt$ . (its a mcdonald restaurant) im from quebec canada. i work at mcdonald cause i cant find a job on my feild presently wish is informatic( i do some few personal contract here and there but the store wont hire me for some reason )( it cant be cause i wear kilt cause it was like that even before i wear kilt. anyway here what i found i always was interested in kilt,and scottish things. and a few years ago after i bought my first kilt (still didnt had it received ) i found out one of my ancestor was nick named the scotsman he was a piilot on saint laurent river he arrived in new france(now quebec) around 1620 he was a close friends of Samuel De Champlain founder of quebec city.. his name was abraham Martin dit l'écossois( or now we would say l'écossais) there is several speculation on the nick name some i find illogical first ill say that the canada have a National Historic Site of Canada named plains of Abraham , (les pleine d'abraham). (cause of the battle of the plain of abraham when britain beated the french troup and gain new france (canada who was first owned by him so the speculation was 1: he was of scottish origin( like him or is parents was born in scotland(some even says his father was a big follower of mary stuart queen of scotland that he was implicated in a plan of freeing mary before she was decapited but she was before they could make the plan in executions.( and we know with the auld aliance that scotish people could move to france and easily get naturalized french and smae when for french people moving to scotland. speculation 2 : he grew in a streen called "rue de l'écosse( scotland 's street), wish was mainly occupied by scottish persons ( so could mean he was from scottish origin still too) spculation 3 he made alot of trip to scotaland for buisness (yes could happen but why would have he been named the scotsman for making buiness wiht scotsman he wasnt he only one who did that. due of the auld aliance speculation 4 he was a smuggler nd use that as nickname (but i dont think canada would want to name a historic site after his name . even if he was the first owner of the land to honore him when he would be a smuggler orinto other criminal oganisation (also note that british send criminal and pariat mostly but french send good moers peoples. so i doubt he was a smuggler. specultion5 : he was a deserter (once agian id ont think canada woudl honore the memory of a deserter )( plus he was also a royal pilote on the saint laurant river why would the king name a deserter a royal pilote??? doesnt make any logical senses) so i dont think so) now i did my family tree and there is several name of my ancestor who could come from scotland but not proven . here the name and how many generation before me (note more than 14 or 15 (12 or 13 great grand father or great grand mother)generation are just even speculation (cause i wont be even able to proove the link to me ( since its not in canada i wont have any of their documents) but on my roots magics connected with family search those name was connected to my ancestor Adam ( could be from clan adam, gordon , or huntley districts( 12 generation ) Albert( from dundee district( 11 , 6 and 9 generations Alix (Macdonald, macdonnell, of glengarry, macdoneel, or maclister(all as far as i know part of the big donald clan). 15 generation cado(caddo/cadot) i foudn they could be from clan hamilton ( 11 generation carrey form clan kerr , 12 gen carron )from macdonnel of glengarry or stirling ( 10, 8, 12, 11, and 10 generation) david ( from clan davidson), 12 and 13 gen de la haye (haye hay ) , clan hay (13 gen) denis (dennis), cland dalziel(10 gen) durand from cland dunbar 10, 13, gen) fischer campbell(10(this line is even shorter to be able to proove since its via my schmitt line (wish is my great grand father who moved from france). france(last name) i found listed on several site as part of stewart clan (i even contacted clan stewart to check if it was one of their reconnised sept ) and they answered yes. geffrey(geofrey jefferay) clan donald(macdonald), 12 and 11 generation gilbert clan buchanan, 12 gen goodwin sirling 18 gorry(gory) can be a variation of Macgory ( wish is clan macdonald) 11 gen hervy clan keith 17 gen Lam from clan Lamont 11 gen loy , lay de lay , clan stewart , 12 15 gen lucas clan mcdougall ,or clan lamont, 13 and 12 gen macart,( macard), clan Macarthur( i read some where some of clan macarthure took the name macart as short verison of macarthure), 11 gen martin , could be like i said eath lothia, clan donald(iles of skyes), and cameron, 10 and 11 gen richard, clan ogilvie 8 gen robinson (robin) clan gunn, 11,12,14 roy , macgregor, or robertson 5,7,8,9,10,11,13 generations thomas clan macthomas or mactavish 14/11 colin , collin( like i said read some where its was a variation of typing of culleen(i know they sound alot alike ), 5,6,11 gens mcrea /macrea /macre, 12 gen
  10. 2 years ago i started to wear kilts first kilt i got was a heritage of scotland tartan in polyviscose ( remember its was my first kilt ever 1, and 2 i buy according to my budget (so cheaper kilt ) in the pack i bough on ebay form the store named heritage of scotland it was included in it a kilt (8 yard), hose, sporran, sporran chain, belt belt buckle and a jacobit shirt. i had the choice for the collor of hose, and shirt but that all i could choose the buckle was selected by them randomly please note the s porran was missing a peices and i didnt worked the peices missing alternative yet so i put the sporran chain backward and attached the hook on the belt loop on the kilt ( the picture was taken the day i got my kilt). few days later i bought a kiltpin ( a celtic knock kind one and later again and kilt pin from the same seller on ebay) ( i got tdisign 001 and 002 ( the 002 was the fist i bough ) the 001 sadly the pin under it broke last summer cause of carless accident ) but i got also now a macdonald crested kilt pin that i wear withmy 2nd kilt ) one month later i ordered a macdonald tartan kilt in cynthetic whool (still form ebay, from a store called tartanista. (if i rembmer but the kilt was build by tartan heritage it was a 5 yard kilt few month again later i ordered from another store a prince charlie jacket wihs i wore with my tuxedo shirt and cufflinks i wore for the first time the prince charlie jacket an the opening dinner of a agricultural show i was directorat . that when the picture was taken i noticed much later that the bow tie was not straight) i then ordered a canadian maple leaf form a hight rated seller in canada( burnet and struth but cause i used the size that i got my 2 other kilt, i made a wrong order and the kilt dont even fit me end of last summer there was also a relay for life ( a financement activty to search for cancer cure) and i whent to the activites in kilt the official photo taker of their activies took 2 picture of me i wear my macdonald tartan, wiht matchin flashes, black hose ( the ecru one with thisle embroded is over used ( hole in the heels area) (same for the black one but i have black socks that i cut and fille the hole in it so still wearable ) bt they got ruine fast cause every time i wear a kilt for that year i wore that hose now this year i bought 10 new hose, greens lova, green bottle and 2 ecru) (the 2 ecrus i wear wiht the heritage of scotland cause i have a black flashes for it ( there was no heritage of scotland flashes left when i bought it ) and the green with the macdonald kilt there is a few other kilt im planning on getting , here the list that i have in mind already , first from got-kilt ill order one of the brother of the kilt tartan kilt (costom made for me (ill even buy at the same time flashes and fly). then ill get from the same store macdonald dressed (ill try to get the fly and the matching flashes too (in the cheap section) then i want i didnt selected wish store yet but i want a few from sport kilt too i want gordon dress, gordon , macleod, of lewis , cameron of erracht, buchanan, macpherson, i still wan to get maple leaf, maybe one of those disinged wiht a picture of maple leaf too and whenill order a kilt ill also always order at least the flashes (to avoid the same mistake as with the heritage of scotland kilt not matching flashes) i want also to get the macdonald , cameron, gordon ect crest gift set , (but its quite expencives so ill mostly get the one that i have ancestor who could be from those clan ( like since i have some martin ( i ll get both cameron and macdonald (since im not sure wish clan he would be part since he could be from either one of those(he came in canada via france) (but i know he was a schotman cause he was called the scottsman, (dit l'écossais). even the historian specilised in samuel de champlain in his book champlain dream( david hacket fischer) said that he was of scottish origin, and that cause of his strong gene and the fecoundity of his wife many french canadian form quebec has an ancestral right to kilt and sporran) but he never mention from wish clan he would be. i ahve also a colins or collins( wihs i read could be a french variation of the name culleen, (and its pronounce quite the same) if so then that ancestor and another are the closest clans (less generation before loosin the scottish name. ( 4th great grand mother), the second being roy but i dont thikn they are from scotland (cause they are roy dit desjardins wish is a great family in france from what i read. bity still get the matching clans kilts ;-) ill make another topy i thikn that ill list all the name i found that i coudl have scottish origin via them i also wanna get more sporran( i only have one formal nd one day sporran argyll jacket, , i now got the sporran hanger tho) personaly i dont mind if they are not high quality i know i get what i pay for
  11. i know its nearly 1 years old topic but hi from quebec canada i have an ancestor born in cornwall uk his name was digory Sergeant son of john sergeant, and MArtha Axford digory son Daniel Sergeant was taken in worschester massashusett by the abinakis tribe and freed in quebec (back then named still new france) and given to the general gouvernor of new france philipe de rigeault daniel was renamed Louis Phillpes serjen , wish was often later confonded with serien, of english origin, then his son or grand son was nicknamed dit langlais(alias the english), and then few generation it became langlais we call that line of jean serien dit langlais ( cause one of the last to use the name serien or serjent was jean (and we had a rumor story saying that he was found by a english man, a french man and a american , wile he was baby ( at least it was the legend told to my other(but genealogy and familyl trees has proven it false) and the asked how to name him and the english man said j'en sais rien ( i dont know but sound like jean serien )
  12. yes ladies there is 11 pins on my game and 3 balls but 1 pin and 2 balls are well hiden
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    my newest kilt Macleod of Lewis . from sport kilt picture taken at the restaurant mcdonald by a friend. who work there .