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  1. I do agree that there is a time and place for "correct" wearing of the kilted formal outfit but those who want to apply military standards to casual civilian kilted dress need to be honest and consider what other items do they apply these military standards? Your shirts have military creases? What about your jeans? Checked your belt alignment lately? No, then quit trying to militarize my daily wear of kilts. It is clothing. Standards for clothing change. Unless you want to see kilts die or just become a cute cultural costume then please don't mock the casual wearer. We are helping keep it alive. Kilt on brother & sisters.
  2. Also don't let the tartan police tell you that you must have a blood line to wear a certain tartan. It is not true. Wearing a family's tartan was about loyalty not blood and most tartan patterns are newly invented and have little to do with pre-1746 clans. If that is a concern for you, you can actually design your own tartan on
  3. Welcome. Best advice I can give you is measure carefully. Several sites like has videos to help you get it right.
  4. Well played. He picked the duel, you won.
  5. Seven Nations is coming to Columbus GA tonight for a free outdoor concert on Broadway. What a great Saint Patrick's Day gift. I'll be there kilt and all. Starts at 6:30 pm with a traditional band before them.
  6. until

    I was working when GS came through Atlanta last year. I'm hoping they'll return this year so I can drive up there and see them. Have fun.
  7. It wasn't me. I live in GA, not MA. Ha, ha.
  8. until
    They're coming to uptown Columbus, Georgia so slap on your kilt and party. Freakin' A!
  9. Nice. I have a 2004 springer softail.
  10. No faces but excellent sporrans at
  11. Sounds like a reason for a party.
  12. Happy New Year! I had to work but no one died. Good start to the year.
  13. You should have made up a holiday. You could have had him searching google for hours.