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  1. Sports Kilt,, don't become one of those companies. Post relevant comments or pictures to a thread or don't. Save the ads for the products pages. I say this with respect for your product. I own several sports kilts. Spam is only good fried in a cast iron skillet over a camp fire.
  2. Cool. I guess I should check to see if they're doing a run this year.
  3. So after YEARS of wanting to spend a weekend in Savannah for Saint Patrick's day, the wife & I are going this year. Her sister and husband are coming along for the fun. I'll be kilted the entire time...well, maybe not when showering. Anybody else going this year? Been in the past?
  4. Is there anybody in there? What? You weren't going for a Pink Floyd kinda thing?
  5. What the what? We're out of spam for us.
  6. Excellent. I believe the more you wear a kilt out and about the less you'll feel odd or different.
  7. Thanks for the invite but I'm working.
  8. Welcome and enjoy the difference. People judge. Always have and always will. There's nothing bad about it. We all do it so there is no point worrying about it. Most folks I meet while kilted say nothing or give compliments.