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  1. Really nice. Must have a great trip.
  2. KT...that's real nice. Thank you. My kilt is a black wilderness kilt from a supplier in the UK, perfect for spring/summer hikes in 2017. I'm really enjoying wearing it now though, the socks arrived yesterday, the belt today. Maybe I'll wear it cross country when I take a train trip in January. Exciting!
  3. Welcome from the sunny South Coast of England. Brian
  4. Hi CB. I'm sure they are. I'll have to clean out my closet.
  5. Hi Joe. I was in Pittsburgh in September 2016 in an awesome America trip taking in two coasts and some of the middle. I loved it! I didn't see any kilts though. I should have worn one for the Grand Canyon trip....but I wasn't into them then. Thanks for replying
  6. Hello too. I've just joined too and the affection everyone has for their kilt stuff is beautiful. Brian
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new here, even new to kilting (if that is a term!). Today I received delivery of my first kilt! Okay, okay it's a utility kilt, maybe not viewed as a 'real' kilt here, but a kilt nonetheless. As an Englishman, I don't feel right donning tartan, but that might change once I get comfortable with this. As I opened the package, It was rather skirtlike than I expected (silly me), but once I felt the material and put it on I was smitten. They are beautiful. Aren't they? I feel real excited to enter a new phase in my life..a new kilted me. Brian