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  1. Welcome! Yeah, I've only seen a few others in a kilt here in Indy over the past few years that I've been wearing one and paying attention. I've been making more of an effort to wear one this year and have increased my wardrobe to 3 kilts I wear out, in addition to my comfy kilt I wear to lounge at home. Glad you joined and reached out! Doug
  2. Thanks, Captain! So far, I haven't ever received a negative comment when I've ventured out kilted. I received my Borealis Black Hiking kilt Wednesday as expected - and it's great! I was actually out and about in kilts most of this weekend and got a few comments, but all were positve or at least good natured in tone and delivery - more out of curiosity than anything. Like anything else, the more you practice doing something, the easier it gets. During this afternoon's run out the grocery store felt like a standard everyday trip. I'm sure I got some looks, but I didn't feel like people were watching me or staring. Doug
  3. Hello everyone! Just signed up here at the Brotherhood. I've been wearing a kilt for a few years now when hiking or lounging about the house (in my SportKilt comfy kilt). I've had a few ventures out on day to day errands kilted, and haven't experienced any negative comments. I'm expecting delivery of my new hiking kilt this week and can't wait for the weather to warm up again so I can get out to our state parks and get more treking in the woods done! Like others who have posted here it took my family a little bit to get used to seeing me in one, but it's become part of my regular attire by now. I even got my future son-in-law to get a kilt and we both wear them when we have family get togethers. Anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to hearing other's stories and feedback on being a member of the kilted brotherhood. Doug