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  1. Have just found out about Paul Henry Kilts who are based, I understand, in SW London.
  2. I am considering purchasing a new kilt but always prefer to be measured by the kiltmaker rather than attempting it myself. Do you offer personal consultations? I can easily get to Kingston, which is where I believe you are based.


    Best wishes,



    1. paulhenry



       yes I'm always happy to talk about kilts, and happy to meet up and discuss details

    2. Gerry


      Hi Paul,


      Am wondering if you could manage lunchtime on Saturday, 25th March. 


      I'll be travelling by public transport from North London. What is your address?


      Best wishes,



  3. I know of only three makers of contemporary kilts here in the UK: 21st Century Kilts - Based in Edinburgh but is able to see customers in London (and elsewhere?). Definitely top of the range in price and quality. Skilts - Based in London. Good range of contemporary kilts at mid-price. Union Kilts - Based in North Wales. Quality kilts at reasonable prices. Is anyone aware of any other UK-based makers of contemporary/modern style kilts? Gerry
  4. Hi everyone, Greetings from London! I have been wearing kilts of all sorts - traditional, contemporary, tartan and plain - since about 1970. I have recently purchased a new kilt from Richard at (this is me wearing it outside the Design Museum in London) and am in the process of purchasing another from Union Kilts in North Wales. These are mainly to replace my older kilts that now no longer fit me - such is the toll of passing years. I like some of the North American designs but the cost of importing them to the UK makes it uneconomic. Best wishes, Gerry