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  1. Welcome, from just south of ya'....Oceanside, Ca.
  2. Dunbar modern fly plaid from Lochcarron arrived..... Been fussing with it for about an hour now.....youtube is not helping much......just can't seem to get it to lay as nice as the ones I'm seeing on the videos Any advice would be appreciated
  3. Really nice!!!! I was gonna recommend Drac The black bog sgian he made for me is a beauty
  4. BotK tartan has been my go to for years, great day wear kilt with leather day sporran and boots...... 13 oz Lochcarron in Dunbar modern evenings and special events
  5. Looking good.....those are some sharp hose!!!
  6. Woooooo Hoooooooo!!!! Congrats
  7. Best sporran I own.....Badger with claws, gets compliments everywhere I go.... RIP Turpin
  8. Turpin was an awesome guy.....I had some really good conversations with him and the badger sporran he made me is second to none!!!! I will surely miss him....
  9. Prayers to your family Tony.....
  10. Dunbar

    Home At Last

    Welcome back...thats a pretty good drive-