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  1. My apologies, in advance, for not providing sources, but I find that the more research I do (especially if it ends up down rabbit holes) certainly warrants documenting the same... One such expedition indicated that the descendants of the biblical Joseph spent 7 years on a fleet of ships eventually ending up in Scotland after a brief(ish) stop at Ireland, after a brief(ish) stop at Spain, etc. Further "rabbit-holing" took me to 2 separate rabbinical studies of the word used for Joseph's "coat of many colors", that dependent upon the context of use, would denote either squares or cubes. Coupling this with a culture clothed in tunics or robes it's not hard to imagine that Joseph's "Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" may indeed have been, at the least, kilt-ish.
  2. As a by the way, d@mn Near Kilt Em gave me a 10% BotK discount (sweet sporran, very contemporary) even though they're not on our vendor list (my bad, I should have checked the list, 1st). They thought it was a great idea. How do we get 'em on, officially?
  3. Way old thread, still gotta' pipe in... taught ALL mine to never leave home without flame, blade & bandanna, if a girl hadn't picked her blade, I gave her 2 , to begin her personal journey towards preference. Knife in a sock beats one in a pocket. When I was in high school & a shotgun or rifle was seen in your car/truck, the assistant principal came out to see what you had, maybe show you theirs & swap hunting tales.
  4. Seems many disremember that part of the proscriptions was about dress, not just weapons. The very clothing was outlawed as too provocative of rebellion.
  5. This is the 1st reference to the MacMillan Black outside of tartan offerings that I've ever seen, God bless ya'! After 50 years of hearing that "someone" within 3 removeds of the line had a sample of "the family tartan" research came up with 2 of my family lines being septs of the MacMillans. After finding & perusing the 1/2 dozen MacMillan linked tartans the Black was THE one I'm most likely to invest in for my "good" kilt. I'm with ya' 100%, but then, my last name is...Free.
  6. Amadan, I have to ask, did you use clutch back lapel-type pins on these, or have you found 2 1/4" brooch pin backs somewhere?
  7. Can't help with the kilt hose issue, but am wondering if you've sourced the pin backs for making your own kilt pins. Standard seems to be 2 1/4" as it's big enough to take the weight, but I've found NOTHING over 1 1/2"! Am imagining a non-compete agreement between kilt pin & pin back manufacturers... Congrat's on the expanding wardrobe, wool & 3 straps does make a difference.
  8. macmanjim, my understanding of the origination of the sgian dubhs was that at the time of the Proscription (the big one, the weapons) was that the junk piles of the "sword-breaking', that is, the breaking off of the sword tips, were raided for usable pieces, the tips being refitted into concealable knives, the sgian dubh, commonly hidden beneath the left armpit (of course, it's a right hand world), and only placed within the strong hand stocking as a sign of respect & friendship after the overt weapons were handed over at the door of the visited dwelling. Whatever handle you put on the (more or less) sword tip of your choice is quite likely to be approximately correct, in spirit, at least. The regimental standard sgian dubh & dirk are british overlord fabrications, anyway.
  9. Hoss, I'm not familiar with the natural qualities of native Scottish sheep's wool, but am with Jacob's & Merino. Lanolin can be heavy enough to actually form teeney golden pellets on the wool. Without lots of hot water and detergent to remove it (like in contemporary woolen garments) a significant degree of water repellency would be naturally built in. Certain fragrances would also be retained, perhaps of no consequence in a shepherd's cot, but less appreciated in more refined social circles. Who loses?
  10. Apologies, Mcmurdo, for not responding sooner. I'd had a mid-1800's reprint of a massive report to the English king, re: His subjects to the North, their customs, habits, etc., that I cannot at this time lay my hands upon. Been trying to locate whomever I may have lent it to. My recollection was that the 12 yds. was from that book. It had quite a long title, and I had a feeling as I was reading it that the author may well have been a sycophant courtier wanna-be, but all the best tales are grounded in truth. (The book was among several prizes from the estate sale of an Edinboro University prof's library.) When it turns up I will gladly report back with title, author, relevant years & quotes, as necessary.
  11. Bottom line, yeah. When it gets down to it, the clan tartans are gang colors. The Septs are all families within the district of the richest or most populace family of that particular district. The particular colors within a plaid were based on what ever plant dyes were available within that area. Mess with one of us, shame on ya'...
  12. Had I known such knowledge would be so arcane I would have been saving so many sources before now. Several sources I've found have suggested that primary down-pleat stitches are not a new phenam
  13. And, ah, if you're man enough to wear a kilt youre gentleman enough to not offend ladies & young children.
  14. Bottom line, the "authentic" kilt was approx. 5' x 12 (YES) yds. of woven material, no cuts, no sewing. That was the entire wardrobe, no cuts, no sewing. Where the hell would "underwear" have figured in THAT cultural scenario? But believe, if a garment was introduced along the way that kept your junk from hanging up in the thistles & the nettles, would'ja' wear it, or not?
  15. I'm finding Amazon to be a "shopping" spot, not necessarily a buying spot. That said, I'd bought a Reg 212 Damascus dirk sold by Poshland from Amazon, the last 7" of blade had a 5/8" warp to the left. Otherwise, an absolutely beautiful blade in appearance, weight, balance, even sharpness wasn't bad. Returned it, got my refund (less shipping, of course) & contacted the company directly. Should I decide to purchase directly (for 1/3+ more $), & I may yet, the shipped dirk would be inspected & approved 1st. I've long suspected Amazon of acquiring reject & 2nd's merchandise for resale, but this was just crazy.