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  1. I have never found any temperature too cold for a kilt. I've worn mine in below zero temps with a significant wind chill. OTOH if it's hot and humid I may switch to a cotton or PV kilt instead of wool.
  2. I sent her a message. Hopefully she'll get in touch with you.
  3. As you can probably see from my member number, 98, I've been around here for a long while. Glad to see the reboot. My brother, Turpin, was the first one in the family on the site, and probably the best-known since he was the proprietor of Thorfinn's Custom Sporrans. He died three years ago, but his daughter continues to make the same quality sporrans. I've been wearing a kilt for almost 10 years. I currently own four modern utility kilts, and 7 Tartan kilts. This does not include kilts that are too small for me now that I've lost some weight. Several of the kilts that I wear used to belong to Turpin. These mean a lot to me. My newest Kilt is a 4 yard Box pleated Gordon modern from Matt Newsome. Yes, I was lucky to get on the list before he stopped taking orders.
  4. I'm in Rogers Park - just south of Evanston. Two blocks from the lake. The OTHER kilt website had a group feature and we had a list of about 40 Chicago-area kilted folk we could send notices of gatherings to. Don't know if BOTK has anything like that.
  5. I would ask them if it's their birthday.
  6. I was doing some spring cleaning a week ago and came across a box with a kilt in it. It was the one I"d ordered with many of you made in Pakistan with the custom woven BOTK tartan. Most of us were upset about the quality of the kilt and most got their money back. My kilt was much smaller than I'd ordered, so I just put it back in the box and forgot about it. Just for fun I tried it on. Lo and behold, it fits (the result of losing more than 60 pounds). I re-examined the material and the straps. The straps are still sub-standard, but with some saddle soap they were a little less like cardboard. I took the kilt to the cleaners to be pressed (it still had it's basting intact). I wore it today. It's really not so bad. Material is equivalent to kilts I've had from Stillwater Kilts. I like the pattern and the 'swish' from the full 8 yards of fabric. It was a nice surprise to come across during Spring cleaning. Unfortunately the photo below isn't well lit enough to see the tartan well.
  7. from Chicago from a 6th, 7th and 11th generation Scottish American (not to mention a Heinz 57 blend of other ethnicities)