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  1. Kilted Texan needs a pint! Thanks for the update, KT.
  2. Nor am I. Still waiting on my Kiltology book after a few years.
  3. Welcome from the highlands of Kentucky!
  4. The highlands of Kentucky. Coal country.
  5. Nice work!
  6. I'll mirror the rest. You'll never go wrong with a Wyvern.
  7. Welcome from the highlands of Kentucky!
  8. Happy birthday, Chilli!
  9. Awesome work for sure! Yell when you are caught up :-)
  10. I received the email as well. He failed to answer inquiries so it's time to take the loss and write him off. I hope his practices change and he finds a profitable solution.
  11. They have them on Cafe Press. Pricey though.
  12. Welcome from the highlands of Kentucky!
  13. Glaisne - ancient form of Seamus (Gaeilge) or James.
  14. Neat! Rocky and his crew are awesome! Distance is no matter. Shipping is fast and the products are incredible. Now if only chance would allow a visit...