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  1. I've had three fusion surgeries, two neck, one lumbar. Get your neck checked out. Problem is that the longer you wait, the more likely it'll be permanent even if they fix it. Mom and one of my sister had diverticulitis. Not fun.
  2. Well, for one thing moderating who can join will help as will getting rid of the spamalots. If you know the spammers, I suppose you can search for their posts and delete them, or really search for threads and delete threads. It's tedious, but I don't know of anyway around it without knowing the functions of this forum software.
  3. Maybe you should try a more reliable breed.
  4. Kevin ignores this site. He's let it die in favor of Face Book.
  5. No, but it likes raw fish.
  6. That's practically Wyoming. A little far for me, although I do have to get out more. My wife's niece just moved to Trinidad. Still a ride from you. I'll get out that way again some time.
  7. Welcome from Hell, at least this time of year.