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  1. 25 minutes ago, Wil liam said:

    macmanjim, my understanding of the origination of the sgian dubhs was that at the time of the Proscription (the big one, the weapons)  was that the junk piles of the "sword-breaking', that is, the breaking off of the sword tips, were raided for usable pieces, the tips being refitted into concealable knives, the sgian dubh, commonly hidden beneath the left armpit (of course, it's a right hand world), and only placed within the strong hand stocking as a sign of respect & friendship after the overt weapons were handed over at the door of the visited dwelling.  Whatever handle you put on the (more or less) sword tip of your choice is quite likely to be  approximately correct, in spirit, at least.  The regimental standard sgian dubh & dirk are british overlord fabrications, anyway.

    Thanks Wil liam. That explains a lot. 

  2. I find the handles too short on the sgian dubhs that a lot of places sell. Funny thing is I bought some new knives for the kitchen and I love the paring knife. It would make a great sgian dubhs, but some would say the handle is too long, but I like the way it feels in my hand. I am not really a knife person per se, so I don't claim expertise at all, but I do appreciate quality. Might be neat is someone made a japanese style forged blade sgian dubhs. I saw Cold Steel has one. Lynn makes ok stuff. I'd want something fully functional.