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  1. On 8/25/2019 at 7:42 AM, KT said:

    Short answer...yes.


    What happened?

    1. New business struggling

    2. Kids are stress

    3. Diagnosed with diverticulitis, which sucks

    4. Have disc that pinches spinal cord, so hands go numb

    5. Problems with adults in various orgs I work with

    6. Property dispute

    7. Divorce crap still hanging over my head


    What does that mean here?

    Amadan has been diligent in keeping me up to speed  as I have not paid enough attent here.  As everything else seems to be going to ****, I will do my best to refocus on the one thing I can work on happily, this brotherhood.


    I did change registration rules so I  have to approve every new user.  This should eliminate spammers for now, and I am cleaning out the existing spammers.


    Thanks you for your everlasting patience while I get my life back together.




    I've had three fusion surgeries, two neck, one lumbar. Get your neck checked out. Problem is that the longer you wait, the more likely it'll be permanent even if they fix it. Mom and one of my sister had diverticulitis. Not fun. 

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  2. On 12/24/2019 at 8:30 PM, KT said:

    gonna need some help resurrecting this, clearing out all the spam and getting it rocking again.


    any help or ideas are welcome.

    Well, for one thing moderating who can join will help as will getting rid of the spamalots. If you know the spammers, I suppose you can search for their posts and delete them, or really search for threads and delete threads. It's tedious, but I don't know of anyway around it without knowing the functions of this forum software. 

  3. On 8/13/2019 at 11:35 PM, KamAwarse said:

    At one time somebody set up a web page that let everybody put in their location and each one then showed up as a pin on the map. I dont know what happened to that, but there are quite a few TKN members from Texas.

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    Kevin ignores this site. He's let it die in favor of Face Book. 

  4. On 6/12/2019 at 11:52 AM, n4mgr said:


    AZ is entirely too hot. I've been to Phoenix in July/August and it is an oven. Otherwise, AZ is the ideal place for the most part. I believe that it still has a lot of things that make it appear like the frog in the kettle, like traffic cameras, an overabundance of lawmen, and Janet Napolitano. There is no constitution observing state in this country, even if some have chosen to allow unlicensed carry. King George III would be proud to see that there is little difference between 1775 and 2019, except for the modern niceties and that Americans have finally accepted tyranny as the norm.

    Well, an hour or two north of phoenix and it's not so hot at all, Janet Napolitano doesn't live here anymore, and we do have constitutional carry. Texas is more authoritarian than AZ and less constitutional. That said, there is no perfect place and I doubt there ever will be. My perfect place would be weather like Santa Cruz, pro second amendment, fiscally responsible, but not socially conservative at all. Unless you're hurting someone else, stealing or killing without justification, for the most part, leave people to the themselves. Unfortunately, conservatives want to control certain aspects of people's lives, progressives other aspects. The heat does suck though. Come winter though and you forget about it. Almost. I'd like to get a place up on the rim or up Lake Mary Rd. It's 25-30 degrees cooler up there. 

  5. On 6/10/2019 at 5:07 PM, n4mgr said:

    Hello all! I'm not exactly new to the BOTK, but since I forgot the username and no longer have access to any email address that I had more than 6 months ago, I was in need of a new account. My name is Matt and I live about 45 miles Northeast of Amarillo, TX. We moved here in February, from central NC. There are 2 men that I know of in Hutchinson County Texas that wear a kilt. I am one and the other is a soldier in the US Army and will soon be deployed to the border and will likely not return for some time, as there are no bases near here. 


    I went about kilted in NC quite frequently. I might have turned a few heads, but never felt uncomfortable or ridiculed; not that I care what anyone else really thinks. I have 2 tartan kilts, one Clan Wallace and one Clan Robertson. I also have one solid black acrylic kilt. I wear it more than the others. I went to Walmart with the wife today, wearing my black kilt, a black polo, kilt belt with bayonet slung on the right hip and a nylon hip bag on the left(a fanny pack that I have had for over half of my life and with 3 pockets will hold my wallet, pen and journal, a flashlight, and cellphone), in place of my semi-dress sporran. I truly miss my black ghillie shirt, which was mistakenly left in NC when we moved. Back to Walmart; there were no odd looks that I saw, which is surprising for the area.


    Texas is an awesome place, if not a little warm. I may someday move again, but the next place that we live will be in or near mountains, closer to the Scottish cultural gatherings that tend to be found there (i.e. Colorado Springs, Denver, Northern Utah). I'll leave it at that for this post. Y'all have a great day now!

    There's always AZ. There are Scottish societies here and Scottish games as well, the biggest in Phoenix. Mountains too and if you want to carry open or concealed, no license needed. 

  6. 48 minutes ago, cbsMEL said:

    Hey everyone, 


    My name is Brian Smith and I'm a writer with MEL Magazine, a men's lifestyle publication in Los Angeles. A number of our readers have expressed interest in kilts lately and I'm hoping to write about the seemingly gaining popularity of (US) men wearing kilts. I'd like to engage with the Brotherhood of the Kilt community. 


    If you're interested in speaking with me, please drop me a line: 



    C. Brian Smith


    You'd get more action on the FB group and talk to Kevin Thompson.