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  1. UT Kilts has a clearance section I like to frequent. Good deals can be found. Welcome.
  2. Depends where one is from. My dad's parents were from the Naples area in Italy. I doubt his mother had any celt in her as she was dark and swarthy and looked more middle eastern or Indian in some ways than European. His dad however, I suspect, had a celt in the woodpile. He was light skinned and they used to call him tony riley and tony irish. He had a slight red tint to his brown hair and had hazel eyes. His mom had red hair. So I suspect that there's a scot or irishman in there somewhere. Dad was in between. Not dark, but could tan, dark brown eyes and black hair. My mom had english, irish, scottish probably welsh, german and french. I look like an anglo version of my dad, but 8" taller. If you can believe it, he was 8" taller than his dad. Scottish folk in my mom's family had names of Anderson, Scott and Ely. The English are Deacon, Scripps and Grove to name a few. Irish was Coyne and Wilson, Welsh was Powell and Jones. What a mix. My wife is a Watt, which is a sept of Buchanan.
  3. Without pictures it didn't happen.
  4. On the X Marks the Scot forum, seems the most active places are Atlanta, Chicago and Virginia. I know there's a group in Alabama that's pretty active. Even though AZ has a Caledonian Society, they don't do stuff like that.
  5. Luckily, spring is here so cold won't matter for long depending on where you live. Get a good pair of kilt hose and a pullover sweater or hoodie over a shirt should do it.
  6. More spam from Pakistanis. There are vendor sections. Pay for access and use a vendor section or be a sponsor and have your own vendor section. Using some other section to sell **** is dishonest in a sense and lacks thought. As usual, people from other parts don't get the norms. I see it with the rash of Indian recruiters. They just get names through resume searches and spam everyone, even though I state I am not interested in contract gigs and then there's the problem that they don't know Philadelphia from Phoenix and I get job inquiries thousands of miles away. It's ignorance and incompetence. If you want to sell your stuff, fine, but there's a place for it and it's not in this particular thread. Being a supporting vendor and do it right.
  7. I found out when I went to work kilted a couple weeks ago. I was doing a st patrick's kilted run that day and the women in the office liked it. I was kind of shocked. Anyway, good for you.
  8. A lot of physical problems we get are from what we eat or don't eat and it's usually easy to fix without special supplements or drugs within normal parameters, but when things are left too long and/or it starts involving multiple systems or it's something where there is damage to a system or organ that is beyond self-repair or immunity, time for more advanced medical knowledge and intervention. Within this context, the elephant in the room is doing bad things to yourself for too long or being exposed to bad stuff for too long.
  9. I use a magnet for a couple of mine.
  10. I just ordered a St Patrick's tartan kilt along with a new belt, flashes and a gillie shirt from UT Kilts. I am doing a St Patrick's day kilt run next Friday and want to be prepared. I'll probably pick up some green piper's hose from the local kilt place here.
  11. Black would work then. A Stumptown black would work. Antique brass hardware...They come in 25" drop now.
  12. If it's not against policy, let her have a hissy fit if your boss says it's ok. There are black traditional kilts and utility kilts too. True navy blue, DK. UT Kilts has dark blue. I work for a university, so I could probably wear whatever I wanted. I put it another way, jeans and sneakers are ok. Some guys I work with wear shorts.