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  1. I think we have the luxury more often than not and never even try to find out if we can do X. People forget that interviewing and getting a job is a two way street. Ingrained manorial attitudes still exist in a lot of places and then there's the intransigence to going to when work is or even something better. When I lived in Iowa and Maytag went under, a lot of folks thought they were entitled to the lifestyle they were used to and it didn't enter their mind to go where there are better pastures, no pun intended. Our ancestors came thousands of miles at a time when it was like going to the moon now and somehow we've lost that adaptability. A good person to follow as far as career advice is Liz Ryan. If you are on Linked In, she writes there. A different mindset and right as rain about a lot of stuff people think is just the way it is. SO, if you want to wear a kilt at work, it's good to find out policies RE dress code and even more importantly what the culture is at a company one is engaging. Again, it's a two way street.
  2. The key is finding that out before you get the job offer. People forget that the hiring process is a two way street.
  3. A lot of pins look the same to me. I wish that there was some more original designs. I made a couple using a magnet. One if a ram DIMM and the other is a small wrench.
  4. The after dinner party. I have a video of the pipers. I'll see of if I can post that.
  5. Couldn't you just buy a length from a bolt and do it old school?
  6. That's quite a car for a kid. When I was his age, I always wanted a 1970 442 W-30. Could have gotten them for under $2000 at the time, but never had that kind of money then. Now it would be like buying a house to get a real one. Anything over 35-40 years old is getting ridiculous price wise. What I might do is try to find a mid to late 80's F or A body GM. I owned a 1983 Camaro where I put a 400SBC in 25 years ago. That car was fun. Might be interesting to do again.
  7. Unless it's cold...No real shenanigans here. Going to a Burns dinner tomorrow night. First one. Don't have the full kit yet, but I'll be presentable. One of my brother in laws is in town for the Open and we invited he and his wife to the dinner, but no kilt for him. Even though he's a lot more Scottish than I am, he won't do it. When I visited NY last October my wife's family through a party for us and I came with my heritage of Scotland tartan kilt on, light blue shirt with a dark blue tie, hose with flashes. Anyway, I got some comments and all I'll say is, they were of the Scottish descent. I think it's more of an Americanized male cultural deal. They've been too long separated from their ancestors.
  8. I got one of their 8yd acrylics in black watch recently. I went hiking in it last weekend sub 40 and it was fine. I need a new utility kilt though. I'd really like to get a Utilikilts Workman.
  9. Here is where I saw the MacLaren reference:
  10. Welcome from Arizona. I could be wrong, but I think the tartan the boy scouts use in the states is MacLaren. I've never been the UK. My mom had family from there. Here maternal grandmother was from London and we have relatives in Kent, High Halden. Maybe some day I'll get there.
  11. I would love to too, but I am in the process of losing weight and won't get a decent kilt until I reach my goal weight and then it will be the family tartans first. 110 down, 47 to go.
  12. Someone else from AZ. It's been hard finding a kilted Fridays or pub night. Is it the same down in Tucson?
  13. Scam. He's over people. Send your money and nothing happens.
  14. For those of us on the left side of the pond, that's $50 US/yd + cost of making the kilt.
  15. I paid because I wanted to support the forum for a variety of reasons. Anyway, welcome from AZ.
  16. Our Burns dinner isn't until Feb 3. There are earlier ones, but travel is required. It's a big state.
  17. I have a Heritage of Scotland I am fond of, but it's about too big now. I have to move the straps. I have a Scottish National and Black Watch. I really like Black Watch, DK why. I like the Macintosh tartan too, but I'd have to say one of the sharpest tartans is Gordon Dress. I am not a Gordon, but I'd like to have a kilt in Gordon Dress. Thompson is pretty neat too. Two others I like are MacBeth modern and Rangers Dress.
  18. It's always a fun game guessing what tartan a kilt is.
  19. And then there is quality fade. which can happen with overseas stuff. Maybe even here too, but it's much worse elsewhere. I never understood the whole the kilt sizes are 4" off p@nt$ sizes. My p@nt$ are about where I'd wear my kilt, but I am tall and a little long torso'd. I suspect their measuring is off because of either imperial to metric conversion or just to save material or some sort of pakistani voodoo.
  20. I am the tallest. My brother is 6' and sisters 5'4, but they had a different father, who was Irish descent and maybe 5'8. The other thing is I was born 10 weeks premature, so I am a freak of nature in our families.
  21. The wool does swing better. I'm 6'5, so there's that. Funny thing though, my dad's side is Italian and he was the tallest in his family at 5'9. Uncle Carmine was 5'5, Uncle Mike 5'4 and Grandpa was 5'1, Grandma 4'11. My mom's side is mostly anglo/UK with a little french and german thrown in. She was 5'7, her dad was 6' and had a brother that was 6'3. The thing is physically, I am a much bigger version of my dad. Different chin and nose with lighter skin. Genetics is a crap shoot.