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  1. Kilt on my brothers and sisters
  2. I have one of his sporrans I say do it you won't be sorry.
  3. I really like the colors in it .it is sad that people do things like that to one another glad to see it you have it again.kilt on
  4. After a 2 month wait I got my new kilts from UT kilts a 13oz wool Macmillan back,and 16oz wool Cambell And my sister got me a tam from the Southern Cal Rinn fair.and I got the pin for my Tam on eBay. will wear my Macmillan back to chuck for a class on the end time.
  5. Kilt tradingpost.com It is a group on Facebook
  6. THE BOTK is sold. I have 5 more to fine a good home for so I can get some new ones.if I have none the wife won't mad.
  7. I lost weight, I don't need to unbuckle them and they are on the last hole and I can slide them off.I have to kilts ordered from UT kilts
  8. One of the best things I did was getting a sporran from wayvernleatherworks.I got a sporran belt from him as well I love it, it was worth every penny .
  9. I have been wearing kilts for 10 months now,when I can.I was talking tothe lady that lives next to me and out of the blue she said that it was weird not to see me in a kilt. I had just come home from work. It made me feel good. What are your thoughts on it
  10. All of the kilts are still for sale price drop to $40
  11. I have 6 kilts that need a good home. All of them are from UT kilts. 3 acrylic kilts a BOTK ,GREY watch both are 38 X 22 1/2.and a Wallace 36 X 19 1/2. 2 13oz wool Gordon 35 x18 spirit of Scotland 34 x18 . Deluxe utility black 34 x 17.all are in great shape. I have been loosing some.and I need to make room for new ones.$50 a piece
  12. I am going to the Southern Cal. Fen fair Sat 4-29-18. Is there anyone going to be out there.I will be in a spirit of Scotland kilt and a cream Gillies shirt.I work at this fair about 20 years ago,it will be fun to go back