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  1. I drove for nearly 16 years. I had a heart attack in March and while the cardiologist cleared me to drive (I’m 39 and the heart cath showed no blockage or damage), I stay tired all the time now and can’t safely drive the 10-11 hours that companies expect. That said, I am so much more comfortable in a kilt as opposed to a pair of p@nt$ or shorts.
  2. I’m in the Panhandle, about 45 miles from Amarillo. There are two of us that occasionally go to church kilted. That said, I am kilted almost every time I leave the house. I have also let my beard start to grow back, which could present a problem later. I am something of a non-conformist, so I am proud to look different than the rest.
  3. Hello everyone; I just joined the Brotherhood, after following a link from a kilt-maker’s website. I have 2 kilts that I wear at least a few times a month, sometimes several times a week. I also have a length of tartan fabric from Strathmore Woolen Company, Ltd. that I will be sending to Bonnie Greene to be made into an 8 yd knife pleated kilt and another to have a skirt made for my wife. I love the freedom of the kilt, along with the individual expression. It is rare here in the US to see a guy in a kilt, unless at a higland games event or a tartan day parade or funeral procession. I have plenty of compliments and a few curious questions, but no negative reactions. I am quite comfortable now, going about kilted. I’m going to browse a bit and see what I might learn from the forums here.