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  1. I have a function (Mardi Gras Party) that I am planning to wear my kilt to. Its not formal enough for the full formal kilt, but I would like something dressier than my Gillie shirt and kilt. So, is a color coordinated dress shirt acceptable? Brian Smith Kilted Nub
  2. Greeting. I just ordered (out for delivery today!) my very first kilt. Its the sport utility Kilt from d@mn near Kilt'em. I did get a funny look from my wife when I told her I wanted one. I figured I would give it a try and if I like it, I'll get one made in my family tartan. I do have a question though... What shoes do most of you wear? I've mostly seen boots. Are sneaker appropriate or is it mostly personal preference? Thanks for you help, Brian Smith Minden, LA