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  1. Joined last May, never got my pack or anything. Just curious if there was an issue or something
  2. Not Welsh, but Prussian, Irish (Norman), Anglo-Saxon (Norman again) and Scottish (Frisian)


  3. So I guess we can stalk each other LOL Hopefully I am getting back Stateside soon, you are in Texas I assume, I am from Arizona - we should be able to convert New Mexico back to her Southern Roots if we meet in the middle thereabouts
  4. Now more homesick LOL From Ahwatukee, originally the Verde Valley
  5. Just wear it People are people I live in a very prejudiced, small minded small city - they stared because I am not one of them, they stared because I am heavily tattooed, they stare because if it is not 0 (32) degrees outside I don't feel the need for a jacket, they comment because of the above, they run across the street like I am going to eat them. Now add a kilt - they take pictures after I walk past, stop conversations and stare more. If I was doing it for the attention I would wear my landsknecht (google it, stop laughing - I love it) kit that I use for reenactment and fighting purposes. Most people don't say too much and know I will scrap - beat the ever loving Jesus out of my wife's adopted brother in the town square after her father's funeral and he tried to steal stuff, almost got shipped back to Arizona for that (a friend is a big attorney here, he spoke with the police about everything.... "Men" here are passive aggressive, lots of bark but very little bite - I don't care about feelings and love to throw hands). The people who know me or the people who want to know me know I am VERY playful, always a joke and like to have fun. Taxi drivers drive by and honk, flash a little leg. When waiting for a taxi or friends - flash a little leg to have the stop. If you see my photo as avatar here or on Facebook, next time I am in Cordoba - gonna do it (wife is shy, hates attention and she ended up with me...... Poor girl is going to have a meltdown). Hell, I even played like a hooker, bending into a window in my buddy's car for laughs. Women love it, my wife is an artist and teaches art, I am around women a lot here (zero refinement, I will still crack dirty jokes and watch them blush or try to make me leave by getting dirtier, you can take Tarzan out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of Tarzan). The key things is, be you, own what you do, I am just irritated all I have is Black Watch - I need more colors in my life, maybe Black Stuart If I can do it here, it will be easier there - trust me, just do it
  6. Father is half Kraut, half Irish - born in Germany Mother is half Norman (Not French :p), half Scot (Sutherland) - born in Scotland
  7. Yes they do Back stateside I never had an issue single, down here, well married life puts a damper on dating - wife is against it
  8. Figured it out - thank you PayPal
  9. I hate cameras, don't mind the confused look. Small town in Argentina - used to the stares and questions, luckily when your arms are larger than most people's legs the insults are very rare - very prejudiced small town. Wife loves it and I love it so nothing else matters
  10. Expat in Argentina trying to figure out how to join - things are different here Anywho, back in a kilt after decade - lost enough weight to where I do not feel bad in one. Busted ankle, waited a year for surgery - diet did not change for the lifestyle and said screw it. 46, tattooed maniac.