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  1. Sorry if this has been covered but I didn't see any recently posted info on new memberships. I joined 6/22/18 and was wondering if I'll be receiving anything in the mail? Membership card, sticker etc? I know KT is a busy guy so I don't really care if it takes awhile, just wondering. Thx
  2. My American Legacy tartan kilt from UT Kilts on the 4th of July in SoCal.
  3. Cool, I was considering getting one. I've been working out in Sport Kilts for a couple years now and they're great. The hiking kilts especially, they're basically made out of board short fabric. I may add the UT one to the collection.
  4. I've been on the FB group for a little while but I finally became a paid member. Just wanted to officially be part of the group. My name is Matt and I'm in LA county California.