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  1. Yesterday I was informed of a way to research your heritage at the local library. It's basically free access to here in Canada. I'm not too sure if all libraries have this access but it's worth a shot if you want to find out a little bit about your ancestors. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time there as once you start you may end up with many brick walls, albeit temporary. It also helps to have relatives and parents who can help you answer some questions if you don't know the info yourself. Hope this helps someone. Chrisp
  2. McMurdo. I have comitted to going and name to the Facebook page. See you at the pub.
  3. Thanks for the words. I've discovered that all my grandparents have tartans affiliated with their last names so there's much I can choose. My grandparents come from England, Ireland and Scotland and I've checked on a Kilt makers site in Canada and yes they're all septs of clans. I guess now its my choice which one I wear... I've started to buy clan books and some have my grandparents last names and some don't. I realize some have different sources but it can be confusing with all the contradictions and omissions. I suppose there might be an ultimate authority somewhere but people would rarely agree on one. Thanks for your input and the hunt continues for me!
  4. Thanks John! I'm learning about the site and appreciate the hospitality. I'll try and post a pic of me when possible but I'm currently on my computer and no way to transfer a pic from my phone... Chrisp
  5. Hi I'm a cook by trade and am interested in all sorts of knives but so far primarily kitchen related. I was going to suggest you look up Kramer knives to see how far you can go with it. He's got a video on Youtube from the Morning Show or something like that where he talks about his history and his philosophy on being a maker. You also get to see his shop and watch him produce blades. It's knife porn for sure but it's also a good video to watch if you're interested in knives. He started as a knife sharpener for kitchens and then just built up the business over the years to what it is now. Good luck on your journey and although I only have my opinion to offer at the moment I think your knife looks pretty good.
  6. Hello all! I'm doing some new to me research on my heritage and I've come across a Canadian organization called Sons of Scotland. It's for Canadian Scottish folk and they seem to have a lot to offer here. I am trying to contact them to see if they have any sources of info for researching clans, tartans and septs. Does anyone have any experience with them and would you recommend looking into them? They offer things like group insurance and social events but I'm hoping they have a little more to offer...
  7. Just an update. I've discovered an organization known as The Sons of Scotland that gets together in various Canadian cities for various functions and such. There's a section on their website that has listed a section on tartans. I have sent an email to see about joining and haven't heard back yet. Has anyone here any experience with them and is it a decent organization?
  8. Awesome! I took a look at the page on Facebook. Barring anything major I should be able to make it. Will adjust my status on Facebook so you'll know how many to make a reso for. Chris
  9. McMurdo...Thanks for the invite and it would be good to socialize with like minded kilt wearers. Is it a restaurant that its hosted at? I'll log into Facebook and look it up. Could be a lot of fun. Chrisp
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. There seems to be a large number of Scots where I live so I'm sure there must be some kind of society. Will look into it!
  11. McMurdo...its an amazing find for you and its even more awesome that you have the history! Awesome find! Thank you for the invite to Tartan Tuesday...I'll have to find a less dressy jacket for it. I managed to find a Prince Charlie jacket through Kijiji that might be too formal. Thank you for your response. Chris
  12. Hi! I'm a new member and have started to scratch the surface of my family history. In my short time at researching I have discovered that there is a lot of information that is available and some of the info that I have discovered expands the areas of knowledge. I look at one book and I learn one thing and then I look at another book on the same subject and the info is almost completely different. I was wondering if there is a knowledgeable source to look at that may have many answers that would save me time when it comes to discovering my background. I'm primarily interested in clans and tartans for my grandparents generation. My four grandparents are all deceased and I have only their last names to go on. The names are Cullen, MacCracken, Roberts and Paul. None of these names have their own tartan or clan but I have learned through a website for a store in Toronto Canada that they share a tartan with others. Should I be skeptical of a store's information? I know it's in their interest to sell people kilts and tartans but so far it's the most complete source of info for me in that all of my grandparents names are represented on their list. Thanks in advance and happy kilting! Chris Paul
  13. Hi Glen! It's good to see some pics of the set up close. I was wondering if you would share any info on how you were able to acquire the coat and vest? Right now for me the only way I can get some older sets of Scottish outfits is to scour Kijiji here in Toronto. I had some luck and made a trip out North of the city to get a decent outfit that fits me and I can't wait to have an occasion to wear it. It's not quite as old as what you have but it was a deal that was impossible for me to pass up. I also look through Salvation Army thrift stores but that is very hit or miss. I did manage to find two kilts that were a bit small and after posting them of the Facebook page found out that they were female kilts! I'm learning a lot about the kilted life and my journey into it has just begun. I'm excited to research my history and am looking forward to searching this website to see what info I can glean. Hope all is well and thank you in advance. Chris Paul
  14. Hello All! I'm a somewhat new member on the Facebook site as well and I am enjoying the group thus far. I recently discovered this website and am hoping to continue learning more and more about kilts. I was wondering if there are areas of the website that specialize in clans as I want to pursue getting information about my family history. I have bought some books on clans and tartans and has looked at websites that have told me of my clan background. I don't really know how far back to go as it seems none of my fore bearers had their own tartan. My heritage is Scottish, Irish and English and I've looked at the last names of my four grandparents just to get an idea of where I come from. This is the first time in my life that I've felt a connection to my past and I only have my mother to answer questions about her parents etc as everyone else in my immediate family is deceased. I'll do some digging on my own but thought I would take the time to try and break the ice...