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  1. Updated list of whats still available. 38 Waist 21 Length Aberdeen (No Cargo Pockets) Black $50.00 38 Waist 21 Length Edinburgh Black $60.00 46 Waist 23 Length Edinburgh Black $60.00 40 Waist 22 Length Edinburgh Prototype Denim Sand Tan $60.00 (This one is made from tan colored denim pics avail upon request)
  2. Updated list of whats still available. 38 Waist 21 Length Aberdeen (No Cargo Pockets) Black $50.00 38 Waist 21 Length Edinburgh Black $60.00 46 Waist 23 Length Aberdeen (No Cargo Pockets) OD Green $50.00 46 Waist 23 Length Edinburgh Black $60.00 40 Waist 22 Length Edinburgh Prototype Denim Sand Tan $60.00 The 46's may be spoken for will update if they sell.
  3. Also shipping will be calculated for your zip code!
  4. Found a box of kilts that are looking for a good home. I do not monitor this board daily so if you would like one of these kilts contact me via email. No PM's please 38 Waist 21 Length Aberdeen (No Cargo Pockets) Black $50.00 38 Waist 21 Length Edinburgh Black $60.00 46 Waist 23 Length Aberdeen (No Cargo Pockets) OD Green $50.00 40 Waist 21 Length Aberdeen (No Cargo Pockets) Black $50.00 40 Waist 21 Length Edinburgh Black $60.00 46 Waist 23 Length Edinburgh Black $60.00 40 Waist 22 Length Edinburgh Prototype Denim Sand Tan $60.00 For an extra $10 these kilts can be altered.
  5. Well here is whats going on. Those that would like one of our kilts we will be exchanging them for one of our kilts. It is something we can produce and exchange for those who are unhappy with them. I wish I could provide a refund for those that want it but its not possible and that breaks my heart. All you need to do is contact me via email and I will discuss the details for the exchanges. We are currently moving towards closing AK, our profit margin as bottomed out and the recession is killing us. It has nothing to do with the fiasco here on the board but due to the past quarter sales dropping 95%. We have three options, one being selling our patterns to a rival kilt company, selling exclusively to resellers, or just closing down completely. So our kilts may or may not be available next summer via a competitors website or a resellers. We will be keeping sales on the website up until the 1st of February so those that want one can still get one. All outstanding orders will be filled as normal and will not be affected. I will personally be handling the warranty on all kilts so if you need a resize or repair you will still be able to get it. A good 10% of my sales came from brotherhood members so thank you for letting us be a part of the brotherhood. I will keep all of you in my prayers. On a side note the modern kilt making book I have been working on is almost completed so people will be able to make their own modern kilts that can not really afford to buy one from a kilt maker. As far as I am concerned, I will be going back to college next year for my mba and will still be active in the kilt community hosting kilt nights and working on getting the Indy Scottish games up and running. I will also still be active on the boards helping those that need it with making their own brands and patterns. Take care brothers.
  6. Raptor, I am very sorry that you did not like your kilt. But I do not sit on the forum and read every post that comes along and usually pop in at least every other day. If you have any more questions feel free to email me directly at
  7. Well I hope these answers are up to your liking Raptor... 1: Did you or did you not make a profit on the kilts? No, I actually lost money due to the enormous amount of duty fees and international shipping costs. 2: Did you or did you not make a profit on the yardage? No, the yardage is 16 oz pure wool and was very expensive to have woven. 3: Did you or did you not make a profit on the shipping? Every kilt was individually measured and posted based off where it was going. The amounts for shipping based off your address. 4: Did you or did you not sell to non-forum members for the same price? I have not sold any of these kilts to anyone that did not initially order one. I do have an extra kilt that was sent with the order and I will sell it to anyone who would like it at whatever price I see fit. 5: Did you or did you not refuse to correct the issues if people kept complaining? We are working to provide a satisfactory resolution for everyone but like in life not everyone will be happy no matter what we do. 6: Did you or did you not claim that around 33% weren't happy with the kilts? I have no idea what your talking about? 7: Did you or did you not put a no returns policy on the kilts before they were shipped? There was a no returns policy for the beginning but we are trying to provide alternate kilts to be provided 8: Do you or do you not have yardage waiting to be picked up? No, but I do have one package still to go out. BTW I need your address again KT 9: Were you or were you not aware of issues before you shipped the kilts? No, my kilt was exactly as I expected it to be. It was a pakistani kilt made from a heavier wool. A large portion of the price was just the weaving cost due to everyone wanting 100% wool. 10: Were these or were they not made by the same manufacturer as Stillwater kilts? Due to legal issues we do not discuss or mention any other kilt maker or kilt importer. I can say that the manufacturer is one of the largest exporter of kilts.
  8. It does not matter if you removed the basting or not. As long as the kilt is in the same condition as when you received it that is fine.
  9. We were unfortunately unable to get any kind of refund from the company so here is what we will be doing. If your kilt has issues and it is still new then we will exchange it for an Aberdeen Alpha Kilt. Please send me an email with your information if this applies to you.
  10. As you will see I am not a professional photographer so don't mind the bad pictures. If you already own an Alpha Kilt then you will see a difference in the construction. The major changes were made to how the apron is constructed. We are still using the double thick apron with under pleating on both sides just in a more efficient way. The exterior appearance has not changed only the functionality. Pretty much everyone did not want the back pockets on the kilt so those were removed in this version. I will also be posting pictures of our new ladies kilts. There may or may not be design changes to those but I do have prototypes of the girl kilts and will be posting those tomorrow. The outer apron and pocket Closer pic of the outer apron Underside of the outer apron The under pleating closest to the skin. (the outer apron snaps on top of this section allowing for two layers of pleating along with apron) Inside of kilt where pocket is attached (updated with double stitching) Back side of pleats with double stitching and half inch hem.
  11. Yes I do. The last round of prototypes arrived today and they are fantastic. I am amazed at how well they came out. I will be posting pictures of what they look like for everyone today. I will place them in this thread.
  12. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I will have word on or about the 3rd of January. Thanks for being patient and make sure not to do anything crazy like modifying your kilt or altering it in any way. Also make sure you leave the basting in. Thanks and have a happy holidays.
  13. I received some horrible news today. Fionn MacCool's Irish Pub and Bar has closed its doors for good. This was our home for kilt nights for the Midwest Kilt Society and the Indianapolis Scottish Society. Not only did they have the best fish and chips in town, it was also the only place where you could get a perfect pint of Guinness. I would like to thank Bill Pemberton for always making our time at Fionn's memorable and entertaining. Fionn MacCool's was also a big sponsor of the Indy Irish Fest every year. It was the kind of place where the servers made a point to remember each customer. Even worse, there was no warning about the closing so we were unable to have one last pint there. Today is a sad day...
  14. The ship date is tentative. The first batch will be arriving today and those will be put through the proverbial grinder. I will have pictures for everyone of the actual kilts and how they are constructed so everyone will know what they are getting. There has been some design changes and those will be discussed among everyone. The back pockets were removed due to overwhelming voting. Thanks to everyone who gave input along with their opinions on options to have. Some of which are already implemented in the Compass and future models. I am expecting to get them all shipped mid to late next month.
  15. Still waiting on word back from a few sources along with the manufacturer. As soon as I get any new news then I will post asap.