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  1. That’s awesome! Janet was nowhere near qualified for that job and she should have been run out of town long before she left. Anyway, you are right about Texas being authoritarian, though every state has some amount of that. Just look to your North and West. When a cop can assassinate someone who is an avid proponent of the Constitution and plant a throwaway pistol on him to justify their crime; none of us are safe. I would live in AZ, but somewhere like Show Low or Snowflake. I have friends that live there and it is nice, most of the time.
  2. AZ is entirely too hot. I've been to Phoenix in July/August and it is an oven. Otherwise, AZ is the ideal place for the most part. I believe that it still has a lot of things that make it appear like the frog in the kettle, like traffic cameras, an overabundance of lawmen, and Janet Napolitano. There is no constitution observing state in this country, even if some have chosen to allow unlicensed carry. King George III would be proud to see that there is little difference between 1775 and 2019, except for the modern niceties and that Americans have finally accepted tyranny as the norm.
  3. Hello all! I'm not exactly new to the BOTK, but since I forgot the username and no longer have access to any email address that I had more than 6 months ago, I was in need of a new account. My name is Matt and I live about 45 miles Northeast of Amarillo, TX. We moved here in February, from central NC. There are 2 men that I know of in Hutchinson County Texas that wear a kilt. I am one and the other is a soldier in the US Army and will soon be deployed to the border and will likely not return for some time, as there are no bases near here. I went about kilted in NC quite frequently. I might have turned a few heads, but never felt uncomfortable or ridiculed; not that I care what anyone else really thinks. I have 2 tartan kilts, one Clan Wallace and one Clan Robertson. I also have one solid black acrylic kilt. I wear it more than the others. I went to Walmart with the wife today, wearing my black kilt, a black polo, kilt belt with bayonet slung on the right hip and a nylon hip bag on the left(a fanny pack that I have had for over half of my life and with 3 pockets will hold my wallet, pen and journal, a flashlight, and cellphone), in place of my semi-dress sporran. I truly miss my black ghillie shirt, which was mistakenly left in NC when we moved. Back to Walmart; there were no odd looks that I saw, which is surprising for the area. Texas is an awesome place, if not a little warm. I may someday move again, but the next place that we live will be in or near mountains, closer to the Scottish cultural gatherings that tend to be found there (i.e. Colorado Springs, Denver, Northern Utah). I'll leave it at that for this post. Y'all have a great day now!