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  1. LIFE sometimes just happens and we choose how we will repond. The games not over yet! Maybe this will help:
  2. About two weeks ago I went in for another heart catheterization. All went well until a few days later, then out of the blue the sense of a huge injection of novacaine that hit the right side of the body. Immediate taking of nitroglycerine and two aspirins seemed to help. Other than a tad bit of slowness, a few hours rest helped. Thought it might have been heat related. Next day in mid-afternoon came a repeat, but after the nitro and the aspirin I went straight to my doctor. BP over 240, so he put me into a wheelchair and had me wheeled across the office complex to ER. Massive strong clot busters and BP meds combined with three days hospitalization saved the day. Back home now. Told I had had tow TIA's that were the precursor to a MAJOR stroke had I not been seen. Now 4 more heart meds each day. Great! That's 13 a day. Then we find the spouse is going in next week for a major hysterectomy. Life sometimes just gets curiouser and curiouser, but were glad we NOW have insurance...THANK GOD...Maybe this round will be it for a while. Meanwhile, I still have some kilts that I need to get out of here while we are still able to. Hopefully, these will not be viewed as SPAM since they will make some excellent buys for those needing the remaining sizes that can be found in the Mensplace eBay store...after which it too will shut down. Attempt at some humor there. Blessings to all!
  3. Some excellent points. Since the time of "the prophet" the ethnicities and religions of the region have been a problem. In his time there were over 300 idols. His message of the one God led to their destruction and much hatred. However, the ethnicities of the desert tribes were also very diverse, and became even more so as the Islamic faith spread through history to include the Persians, Mongolians, Turks, and others. As the Koran was later transcribed from the verbal traditions, it also expanded. Too, the emphasis and interpretations were changed to comply with the thoughts of the different sects such as the Sunni or the Shia. Of course political and power issues driven by the needs and desires of the mosques and the political motivations also greatly changed the emphasis of the faith and the followers. Today, those like Usama pick and choose fragments of the textual segments, often omitting the complete statement, to support their ends, while the mullahs have chosen to add rules and regulations that have little basis upon anything "the prophet" ever envisioned.
  4. I'm just back from having a heart catheterization ..followed a few days later by two TIA's and three day's in the hospital. While on my back, I had the time to watch several excellent Discovery Channel videos on the birth and growth of Islamism. Originally, Mohammad saw Islamism as the fulfillment of the message from Abraham and himself as the bearer of that message to the desert peoples. It was not until later that the message was changed and all of the rules added..most of which were added to address the warfare among the desert tribes at the time.
  5. My very humble and heartfelt thanks to all of you! Your kilts and shirts were sent out first thing Monday morning. AND..the mortgage got paid! The first time ever in my life that THIS was even a concern, but there seem to be a LOT of firsts lately. Funny thing..the LORD works in mysterious ways...not only did the precise amount needed come in, but also just in time! THANKS TO ALL!
  6. I do pray that this IS a temporary setback for America. As I look out, it is such a beautiful spring day, but the news is so full of pure doom and gloom, shootings across the U.S., people so full of anger and disillusionment, and a President apologizing for America to Europe. I just turned fifty-nine last week. I had the luxury of growing up during the "Camelot" era. Interesting, how the dreams of the sixties led to this. The very founders of the companies that brought us Microsoft, Apple, and all that the internet ushered in used to be starry-eyed dreamers who saw only the good that such unbridaled commuincations would bring. They never dreamed of the marketing led materialism, greed, and corruption of instantaneous stock trades, banking corruption, credit card company abuse, or all of the rest. So many dreams have been sold out. God has been replaced by lesser gods and our traditional values by values that are bought and sold in the marketplace. Curious that those who dreamed of change will now be forced to pay in every way for changes and burdens they never envisioned. One way or another, this too shall pass and we will start over, and over, and over. If anything has been learned in my life, it is that all of life is about starting over.
  7. Thanks for the good vibes! IF I can move 3 we will actually pay the mortgage. One went this a.m., so only two to go. Ebay sales went from over 6000.00 per moth to virtually nothing. NOT a good time to stock of on lots of overhead or have tons of cash sitting. Having just lost a huge portion of the IRA, the past few months have been interesting. Talking with some local teens and asking them what they thought about being 136,000 in dept before they start or the prospect of required service, they just looked at me when their jaws dropped and eyes popped and uttered the all too typical north Georgia.......WHUT??????? One day at a time...... God bless you and yours
  8. I just updated that to include Canada for the 38 green you were interested in. Thank you. If interested in others let me know.
  9. Well folks when the mortgage comes due & the cupboard is bare something's got to go! I have marked down all remaining kilts, sporrans and shirts to the lowest possible prices to get them out of here. A GREAT chance to get a new Buzz Kidder USA Made kilt at a steal! Canvas or the traditional Blackwatch or Royal Stewart. Not many left, but maybe someone you know can benefit. Sorry, but at this price I cannot discount them further. It has been a good race, but the economy wins yet again. The IRA is shot too, but happens Well, it could be worse...I have two whole days to pray these guys sell GOD Bless you all
  10. "Did you know, if we shaved less than 1% off of the current military budget, we could shelter and feed almost all of America's homeless? " OR, we could just take a tiny amount from the NEW pork barrel allocations.
  11. What's that acronym that is so popular around here about rolling on the floor? Reminded that there are few things in this universe louder, more sanctimonious, self assured, and judgmental than the uproar of the liberal throngs....
  12. “Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift of God?” Jefferson Jefferson understood the difference between faith and religion did the other founding fathers Their intent was not to have the institution of "the church" driving affairs of government, BUT there was a clear recognition by him and the others that our government and the success of the American endeavor was based upon God's blessings and our nation's recognition of that as the foundation of all that is the United States of America. We divert from this path at our great peril....and there WILL come a day of retribution.
  13. If TNSG is important to you, is this the hill you want to die on?
  14. Livermush must be regional and especially around the Blueridge area of NC. It is essentially a mixture of pork liver and cornmeal that is then cut into blocks. Most have it sliced and fried, but others have it as is in sandwiches. The taste is close to haggis. The only scrapple I find around here is nothing but pork skins compresed and boiled into a block...a LONG way from good scrapple. Then, there is souse meat which is just a tad too organic here having seen the workings of a processing plant. Having SPAM so often in the 50's as a child after my dad got back from the Pacific, I just can't get past the "aroma".
  15. Genesee Cream Ale.. one of the many more regional beers from times when families could go for a day at the ballpark for a few dollars and enjoy a good cold one for a few bits...Ah yes, I remember them well. Session beers they were, each with their own unique and very distinct flavors that required no thought What other beers have vanished that used to be so popular? Haven't see Strohs, Olympia, National Bohemian, or the one with three interconnected circles for many years. Some good beer humor ...and irish toasts in the sidebar