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  1. As much as I love my UtiliKilts, I must say the price does not match the quality. I am not rich, so when I buy a kilt I would like it to live up to daily wear,,,,, but both my Survivors and my workman has not,,,,, crappy crappy cloth if you ask me, but sure they will "fix" them, but the point is they should not have to. A scar here and there is natural sure,,,,, BUT!!!!!! That being said a really good kilt is the ALPHA Kilt, check out the Compass, a wonderful fusion between old and new, features good hand made quality, much like the older UtiliKilts, simple design that will blow your mind. Alpha Kilts is a tough cloth, wonderful design, get it as you want it Kilt company. I have dealt with Daron on several occasions, every time has been top notch. As time goes on and money permits, I plan to replace my UtiliKilts with AlphaKilts,,,,,,,,,, What more can I say,,,,,,, check out their new Compass as well as their other kilts,,,, Thanks Again Daron, wonderful job,,,,, O yea the ACU is a great weight summer kilt, rip stop breathing cloth, just what I need for the Ol swamp Cooler in these Texas Summers, Great job, Great price, Great Bunch to deal with,,,,,,,,,, TexasChaos aka: John
  2. Do you still have the Edenburg ACU, if so I am interested.
  3. Lads, How about a 2.5 in Pistol belt with Black Crome hardware, Sam Browne style, its a hook and bar latch system. Just received my order from StationHouse Leather and Gear, fully lined belt was $60.00 plus shipping, had it in about a week. Now mind you its a pistol belt, thick and heavy leather, made by JayPee. Its one heck of a belt and goes very very well with the black chain/1in leather with black hardware sporran strap I built,,,,,,,,, TexasChaos
  4. Its a KILT d@mn IT!!!!!!! not a bloody SKIRT!!!!!!!
  5. $75.00,,,, federal reservs notes, thats with shippin, and the flashes it came with,, Have had it 3 wks, wore it out twice, and a few times around the house,,,,,,,,, Its one of those things where I realy like it, but I woun't wear it much just du to it being to dark of a tartan,,,,, doesnt realy bring out my eyes!!!!
  6. I do hope to see the Black power or chrome belt Buclkes. i just finished a black chain sporran beyt eit 1" leather and all black metal fittings and screw rivits,,,,,,,,,, would go good with it
  7. Have a allmost new SW NightStalker up for grabs,, realy like the SW kilts, but the NS is a bit dark for me.
  8. Thanks all, I did join the Brotherhood,,,,,,,,, at least they took my 25 dollars, And the GF, well truly she is afraid of what others think,,,,,,,,,,,, she doesnt mind me wearing my Kilts as long as nobody see me doing so. The other evening we were to meet up at the local Pub, I got there before her, I was wearing my UK, when she showed up and saw me, the poor thing turned red and left,,,,,,,,,,, man did I feel bad. I thought if she saw how other people reacted to a kilt she would lighten up a bit, never thought a artical of clothing could make such a diffrence. Any suggestions for you wiser Kilter? TexasChaos
  9. Just joined,,,,,,,,,, Been openly kilted for about a month now,,,, Ya know eather people are realy polite, or they dont notice,,,,,, Except for the girlfriend, she hates me wearing a kilt, think I might miss her