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  1. Well, I may be persona non grata around here, but I'm stepping up to the plate. I'll send you an email.
  2. Yes, there is a bit of a problem with folks in the background getting all stabby in the back around here. I get it too, as have others.

    Sorry it was bad enough to make you leave, you were one of my favourites.

    Come back when the diodes on your left side don't ache so much.

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  7. Thanks, Beeman! Until now, I've never had the pleasure of hearing Robert's playing. Are there CDs available? I'd listen to that! Perhaps we need an official non-kilt-related merchants list.........
  8. Huh? Oh, right, it belongs in the religious section....... .................or maybe "culture" ??? Don't mind me. Just some galldarn furner pokin' with a stick.
  9. I wear kilts mostly during weekends. I almost always wear a kilt to dances, even practise sessions. I'm gradually wearing them more often on weekday evenings, especially if we go out for any reason. Where I wear a kilt has more to do with what kind of kilt I happen to have at the time. Currently, I don't have a kilt that I would garden in, for example. I have to wear a uniform five days a week, and a different uniform on my summer volunteer [weekend] job--niether of which are good places to wear a kilt.
  10. Welcome from the weird and wacky west coast. (north of 49, that is)