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  1. Greetings all. This is an old thread but I would like any new, valid information that is available. I am descended from John Muir (not the famous naturalist, but another John) who emigrated to northwest Ohio USA on September 15, 1832. John, my GGGG grandfather, was born in Carnwath Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1777. As you can see, the family kept detailed records and they always recognized clan Gordon as our clan, being that Muir was a sept. Now I see internet "talk" contrary to that. Given that my family has VERY detailed records, I must accept that my Muir clan is a Gordon sept. Unless and until a bona fide new Muir chief appears, I believe that Muir can be a sept of different clans depending on what allegiances your ancestors made long ago. I am open to fact based discussion on this, of course, but not opinions based on preferences or prejudices. . Bide and Fecht. TNB