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  1. I hardley ever come here anymore anyway. I don't know why I even bother. The only time I ever post anymore is when someone says something sh**ty to someone else, regardless of their use of emoticons, and I feel compelled to stick up for someone because I remember the days when that was how things were done around here. Times change, people come and go, the best mods get put out on their ears, and councils get thrown to the way side. No emoticons here. It's cool. You can have the place.
  2. Even the removed posts said nothing about the OP let alone negatively. He asked for people to give an opinion he got mine in a very positive manner. I never called him or criticised simply gave an opinion and advice on what I would change and asking if it was formal or informal. When is helpful advice being a Nazi , and I got crucified and accused off all sorts of Fascist behaviour actually reed what was posted before calling me names. There was nothing even remotely positive or encouraging about your post. Everything about it was negative. Every word, even the part about it being his choice came across as negative. Do you really honestly read your first post in this thread and think it was positive in nature??? Did you even read what I wrote before you quoted me? I never called you any names. until just now I have never mentioned you at all. Your initial post came across a little harsh. It is easy to come across the wrong way when communicating with words on a screen. People cannot see the intent behind your message. That is really all this is about. You could have said all the same things in a more positive manor, perhaps coupled with at least one thing that you liked about the outfit, and your post would have come across as helpful, constructive criticism. When it was pointed out(just as indelicately I might add)that your response came across as hyper critical, the whole thing turned into a big argument. Conversely, my post was intended to point out that this whole thread has gone wrong and been mishandled from the get go, and that attitudes around here have changed quite a bit. You took it as a personal insult, which was certainly not my intent. I did no name calling or insulting that I am aware of. If it came across as some kind of personal dig at you then I apologize. To be as equally blunt as you were in your opinion, if I were a mod I would have sent you a pm and let you know that even though your intent was to be helpful, your post came across as a pretty harsh criticism. I would have asked you to consider adding in something positive to soften the blow a bit, and foster a spirit of welcoming to a new member. I don't consider that to be overly PC, I consider it to be courteous. Courtesy is a two way street. It works just as much in your favor as it does in others. Your honest and unfiltered opinions were met with other people's honest unfiltered opinions. If you don't see anything wrong with what you had to say, then don't expect others to find fault in what they had to say. Everyone is just going to stick to their guns and keep on fighting.
  3. Seriously??? This is what things have come to around here? We are now the kind of forum where a new user should know better than to ask for our opinion about something because he is going to inevitably get dogged on??? Saying "Oh well, that'll teach him for askin'!" is what passes for moderation? I know that you cannot moderate common courtesy, but this is just sad. There was a time not long ago when we were actually concerned about how we were perceived by the new members. There was a time when we welcomed everyone as a family, and we did our best to be supportive of anyone who was promoting the kilt in a positive manner out in the world. There was a time when every response in this thread would have been encouraging, and those with nothing nice to say would have followed their mother's advice. There was a time when the mods would have taken up for the new guy and told his detractors to take it easy, not his defenders.
  4. I think it looks fantastic! You got style my man. Keep up the good work, and post more pics so I can steal your ideas.
  5. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Hang in there my man. Now that you are back and have all the free time in the world (Just kidding!) I wanted to ask you for a favor... PM on its way.
  6. I'm not even sure what to make of this. I think you may be a little confused about who actually wrote that kilting was a sin. I started this thread, but it was just a link I posted to a website some wack job had made. I certainly didn't write it. I suppose I did facilitate his words "making their way to your lap tops." I only did so because I feel it is imperative that people who are working to promote the kilt in a positive manner know what they are up against. It is important to be informed... especially before getting all indignant about something. Did you even read this thread, or did you just pick up the gist of it and start spouting off? It sounds like you are calling me out for starting the thread, and bringing this information to the BOTK. If that is the case I will have to assume that you didn't even read the first page. Pretty much all I have seen you do since you joined here is try to show people how strong willed and opinionated you are. That is all fine and good, but I've also seen you disrespect and threaten people that have been here much longer than you have and who have a great deal of knowledge about kilts and Celtic heritage. You might actually get something out of this place if you would bother to tap into the wealth of information that is here, and start treating other members with a little decency. Chill out a little man.
  7. If I recall correctly, BP has been notorious for doing things that are detrimental to America. They were under a great deal of scrutiny after 9-11 for funding, and continuing to fund foreign oil companies with obvious terrorist ties. There was even a proposed boycott. I remember BP doing all sort of damage control propaganda where they were they were trying to draw attention away from what BP stands for with cleaver little slogans like "Better Prices." The fact is that BP stands for British Petroleum, and like many global companies with subsidiaries in America, they don't give a **** about us or what damage they do to our environment.
  8. We will be there Saturday afternoon around 3 Pm or so. I plan to hit up the 7 rivers booth first. This year I am going to have a beer with you. (last year I couldn't)
  9. I will be there with the family, and a solid color kilt... maybe a dog too. I have to be there so I can buy Larry our annual beer!
  10. Welcome! There are several of us from the St. Louis area. I'm actually from Alton just across the river.
  11. The elastic is actually the biggest draw for me too. Gotta have some wiggle room for when my waist line gets sensitive. I can't believe I didn't catch on to these sooner.
  12. Thanks for the info guys. It is pretty much what I had assumed. I think I will go with Ron's advice and try the standard sport kilt.
  13. IF he is not already, I am sure he will be very soon. I love my CWK! You will not be disappointed!
  14. The features all sound fantastic, but it sounds like it is VERY light weight (330g). I would love to try one, but I am concerned that the fabric will be too light and hard to control. I don't want it blowing up and exposing me everytime there is a breeze . I was also wondering how the fabric looks. It is hard to tell from the pics, but it sort of looks like the tartan is kind of printed on. Here is a link: Anyone have any real world experience with these?
  15. NickWilliams

    Kiltology #89

    I thought that too, but I think he might be wearing one of the earlier UK's that were pleated all the way around and had a fly and slash pockets like a pair of p@nt$. Pic is too small to tell. I wouldn't put it past Leo to wear it backwards, and I wouldn't put it past Patrick to let him...