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  1. Another firearms addict....couple years ago a firearms training school had a booth at the Prescott Highland Games and they were doing a land office business amid all the kilties. Had more than my share of booze. Sobered up over 26 years ago. Life is much better sober. By the way all alcohol is the same whether its in craft beer or single malt whisky...still the same alcohol...that's what addicts us and what kills us off. No church for me other than weddings and memorial services. Makes no sense to me I should choose someone else's idea of spirituality rather than do the work to find my own spiritual beliefs... Adopting someone else's book is just plain lazy in my view. What about kilted cavalry? Some of us enjoy horseback riding kilted...
  2. Not new, but gone a long time. All the time and money going to kilts and accessories slipped away when I got the gun addiction. My gun addiction is identical to my kilt addiction...buy a lot, churn/sell off ones I turn out not to like, and huge bucks for all kinds of accessories. Difficult to concealed carry with a kilt....thigh holsters...sporran holster. My favorite carry is outside the waistband under an aloha shirt with shorts. Have one Utilikilt Survival left and that makes an okay carry in the cargo pocket depending on which pistol/revolver I choose. Love the range and gun shows or shops are as addictive as highland games or Scottish stores. Like that its okay to talk about guns on this kilt board.
  3. Gun Goddess now carries kilt holsters. Shown under a tartan skirt but you get to measure your thigh. www.gungoddess.com Not a good pic, seems to be basic but functional.
  4. Microsoft whatever browser....no, ain't gonna change for one forum....Microsoft is the oldest...would think software would work with it.
  5. Well, I can't even get the link to paste to be able to add that space....will try adding the space on photobucket and see what happens. well, that didn't work either....no "img" link shows at PB to be able to add a space and this forum still won't accept the clipboard info. Tried just copying some sentence off email to paste and it won't paste either....some sort of issue between this forum and my clipboard....Windows 8....
  6. Okay, thanks for the tip....here's an effort to post from the direct image link And...that ain't workin' either.... no problem pasting the link other places....won't paste for this forum????
  7. So this isn't any fun..trying to post pics from Photobucket and the software here won't accept the paste...tried all sorts of tricks....see in the techie section I'm not the only one....can't find a way to post direct off my own rig...something has changed since I was here... I can manage to use the past icons and get the URL addy in there but then the open button freezes up..... Grumble
  8. Well, me too....can't paste URL links from Photobucket...used to all the time...no clue why no...frustrating....low bid software?
  9. Been arguing with Photobucket....here's a pic of the Chick Holster thigh rig Or not...weird...can't get the image thing to paste....go figure... Try this Okay, there's a puzzler...the Photobucket link copies to regular stuff but not to this forum....don't make sense...musta missed something while I was gone. Wow, even copied the link to something else then recopied it, still won't paste here...puzzler....whatever, suppose there's a reason foreverything.
  10. Experimented with this a few years ago after seeing land office business at a gun training booth at the Prescott Highland Games...apparently we're a good prospect for things related to firearms. Worked with a lady at Chick Holsters and some other kilties, but her company sadly went out of business, to develop underkilt thigh holsters for men, along the same lines as the holsters for women to wear under a skirt. Got to the point where we had a double deal going - a holster on each leg. Since her doors closed ordered up one underskirt holster that they assured me would fit - and it didn't - I'm too fat. Forget the maker. Its not for fast draw, but you can also take an old pair of jeans, cut away all but the waistband and front pockets, put it on like a garter thing and pocket carry in the jean pockets under the kilt. I made one for a vacation to conceal my real wallet and passport while carrying a give away wallet in my sporran. Worked great. Why not for a little .380?
  11. Haven't been around in a while...got old...70 now...feel like an old junker car chuggin' along. Still have more damned kilts than I know what to do with (39 or 40 -who's counting?)....still workin' but VERY focused on achieving retirement status... the magic machine sends me email updates of old topics I'd subscribed to...decided to come see what's up and its all different...
  12. Kevin, that's the Antarctica tartan. Not a dress tartan. It is beautiful. Just sold it, of all places it went to Alaska. Tartan is designed by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust and woven by D.C. Dalgliesh mills. I think the trust has a website you can google up. Sean, sorry you had that problem. Hard to believe it was an Order of the Gael product. My kilt kit is top quality craftsmanship as are the 25 some hangers I've bought from them.
  13. Well, Norton "tuned up" my computer last night...thought I'd try again. Still nothing. Using the img code....whatever...the Ol' Coyote's in charge.... So weird, tried to edit but the edit button disappeared for a long while...then tried URL and nothing from the clipboard would transfer here. So tried the photo icon and it did a pop up for the URL and the URL pasted there okay but then it locked up when I pushed the okay button...no way out, no cancel, no nothing...obviously something not compatible with my IE or Photobucket or something...kilts without pics...grim.
  14. Man, I can cut and paste the Photobucket dance pic to anything else but this forum....so bizzare....??
  15. Our little town had an Adult Prom night on the 15th. Was a fund raiser for the local DV shelter and City Library..."had" to go since I'm on the board of directors for each, but a lot of fun. Could go single and did. Great time. Lady is a friend who came single too. Dang, have a pic but the copy and paste off of Photobucket isn't working...go figure... Man...won't let me paste anything....so weird...whatever