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  1. I've updated with a whole new look and a lot more code put into it.
  2. Darn the Doctor telling me I need more iron in my diet.
  3. I've been in a blah mood so havent been carving ( though today I did start carving a piece ). But I have made a few more Scrollsaw projects ( btw if anyone is intersted in any of this stuff let me know lol would help fund the Wood and Scrollsaw blade fund to keep me working ). Made this small little box after my last project trying to do a dovetail lid worked pretty good Made another bowl like the first one Made another jewelery box and since someone mentioned they look like airstream trailers I painted his one Silver. This is for sale for $25 Plus shipping if anyone is interested. Made this coffin box. If I make anymore of these they will not be angled on the inside they will be straight up and down due to having a lot of issues when making it. Made this star box. The Star is actually cut out of the lid and then I used Colored Resin and poured it into the cut out sections. Made this piece last night. I have since cleaned up the fuzzies and also the spot where the hole is for the pendant. This piece is 1 7/8 tall by 1 1/4 wide to show you how small it is.
  4. yes I know I could Paint the Dowel rods but to me they are off center from the piece and would have looked wrong.
  5. was bored late last night so made this little box. Its made from washboard ( Thats all it said when I bought it was that it was washboard ) and plywood. I then stained the back plywood piece and the washboard piece with an oak stain and washed the front two plywood pieces with metalic Acrylics. I then covered the whole thing in polyurethane.
  6. left over poplar from the jewelery box is what I used. I then coated it in Boiled Linseed Oil
  7. Here is the second project I did on my scrollsaw.. I really need a better way to sand but Im stuck with what I have.
  8. Had a guy at my woodcarving Guild give me a Scrollsaw to play with and some blades. I Looked online found a free pattern for a jewelery box and bought the cheapest materials I could find ( Plywood and poplar ) and decided to give it a go. It turned out alright as in its functional and not that many pieces broke off on the plywood ( you can see the handle broke but I have since fixed it by sanding it down and gluing a thin piece of wood over top and sanding it to where its the same shape as the plywood behind it ) and the small piece in the side ) which I just put epoxy on to keep it from breaking more. I then hand Sanded it ( No power method so takes about 5 hours for what a power sander would take 5 minutes and then gave it a single coat of Satin Polyurethane.
  9. And made a few Comfort Birds from Butternut using my Dremel and small Sanding Drum. 3 Carving Knives I made using 2 Old Cheap Pocket Knife blades and the third thinner blade I used a Jigsaw blade. The Handles are Pine. Another Set of Knives I made The bigger one out of a Knife Blade and the smaller ones made from a cheap swiss army knife Pair of Scissors. Made a whole bunch of Turkshead Wire Rings out of Aluminum and Copper in different ring sizes( Gave a few to friends ). Thats just a few photos of the things I've been trying to make while I drive myself insane and further in debt ( I either had the materials or they were given to me either by friends or nature ).
  10. I carved these from a maple Branch. Made a Whittle Gremlin. Made a few things that are called whittle Dwarves.
  11. Sorry I havent been on lately due to problems and things (Im still unemployed and kind of had some major issues arise ). But anyways I've been carving things lately so figured I'd post some photos for you guys to look at. Recently tried to do a show but sadly didnt really even get anybody looking at my booth though I think it was more because of the fact the place didnt advertise it and i was the only one actually there. Bunch of Golfballs I carved ( the inside is a Rubber core ). I tried to make each Face different. This is what happened to my Gnomes They just got better and changed a little bit. I carved a Smaller Version of the Gnome (3 inches by 1 inch wide opposed to 5 inches by 1 1/2 inches wide )
  12. I dont like the eyes either but considering the eyes were from an area that had some dry rot and they broke apart same with the nose area I had to be creative. I edited the post to note the actual size of the post.. Same stock the gnomes were made from but a coping saw was used to cut the blank at an curved angle on both sides. I used a YT tutorial from Carverswoodshop to make it.
  13. I know you guys are going to Lynch me for posting so many things but I promise this will be the last carved piece I post on here so as to not bother you all... I know the painting job sucks. Its harder to tell the parts that arent painted so well in person opposed to having a magnified view of the photo. The Piece is 5 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches around.
  14. Thought I'd give carving some golfballs a try... Dont have many but a guy will show me how to perfect my art on them with the few I do have. This was my First attempt and I had a little bit of help on it. This is my Second attempt at a face on a golfball
  15. actually Im not From Cinci I have no like nor care for sports and I do what the customer wants me to do that is all...