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  1. I got a navy blue one. Now the hard part waiting until september for it to show up.
  2. Anyone planning on attending? May 11, 2013, Mt. Airy Fire Dept. Carnival Grounds 1003 Twin Arch Rd, Mt. Airy, MD, 21771, United States
  3. I have one Kilt This kilt it's AWSOME
  4. Glad to hear your back, good luck with the new job, I am also looking at getting another kilt from you to.
  5. Found this on 5.11s web page http://www.511tactic...-Duty-Kilt.html
  6. I am nearby in Montgomery Co. MD sounds interesting
  7. Welcome from MD, I grew up in PA and have recently moved to MD from VA. If you are looking for something economical black sneakers work well along with the other suggestions.
  8. Not very much goin on in the office today. So many people off except the HR lady if only she would leave I could put my kilt on!
  9. pakiltedff


    Anyone see the new standard Utilikilt? Has the option to have pleats all the way around. They don't have it up on their web page yet but it is on their facebook page.
  10. pakiltedff


    FYI if you want the UK hose you can also get them from the Sock Dreams Website. Prices are a little cheaper and the shipping is way less... although their website is sometimes tricky to navigate
  11. pakiltedff


    Thats about the standard shipping rate for them... You can max your shipping $ by ordering several items but they take you to the cleaners on small orders
  12. pakiltedff


    I'm able to wear mine nearly all year except for a couple of very cold (below zero with wind) days each year! You will need some kilt hose for the winter though. I wear mine almost every day after work and days off of course!
  13. pakiltedff


    I have a bunch of Utilikilts, I really like the kilts but I have received my share of less than adequate customer service from them. When I first started getting kilts from them they offered more choice of length for tall people like me like (26 inches and 27.5 inches) They used to take orders for kilts they did not have in stock but they got rid of both of those options claiming it improved their business model?? I'm not sure how less choice improves a business... back when they were taking advanced orders, they charged the full amount and shipping to your card the day you ordered and you had the lengthy wait for your kilt while they had all your money. In other words, I like the product a lot but not the companies policies in case someone from the company happens to read this...
  14. pakiltedff

    New Rock Boots

    Did want to let you know I got my boots. Things got busy at work however in the last couple of days its been cool enough to enjoy wearing them out!