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  1. Thank you Trekkieusn! I apologize to all of you for not being on here more often. Business is going good. A while back, my wife and I made a leap of faith. We decided to sell out in NC and bought 55 acres of a mountain in Tennessee. The leap was that we would homestead and live off grid. Been pretty busy. Running my shop on a generator when needed. We don't even get much more than a sporadic cell signal. I have to come into town a half hour away, to the library to conduct online business. It is quite an adventure. Thank you all for your support of my business.
  2. This is by far the most unusual sporran I have ever had the privilege of creating. The lady had this made from trophies her husband had collecets in his hunting expeditions. The bag is a cape buffalo scrotum, the trim is impala fur. I had the cantle.
  3. kiltedwoodie, yes, I did get to Scotland in April. We had an amazing time! There are pictures of the trip on my website blog! Donnie
  4. I just wanted everyone to know, I am still in business. I did stop advertising on the other forum, but for my own reasons. Things have been a bit hectic and out of whack lately, but we are still here! Donnie
  5. Just been commissioned to make twenty of these for the Charlotte Fire Fighters Pipe Band!
  6. Good day to all, The website is going well, I think. The only problem is, when I moved the website, it caused the forwarding service to quit working. So, the Seadragon@wyvernleatherworks email addy is no longer functioning. The only one that works is If anyone has written me using the old address in the last month or so, please send the email to the working email address. Thank you all Donnie
  7. Wyvern Leatherworks website went down about a month ago. Don't know why. I have been building a new one, and it is up and running. If anyone tried to contact me using the contact page on the old website, please try again on the new one! I am sorry for the delay and inability to reply, but I think I have things fixed now. Thanks for your understanding! Donnie
  8. Sorry, It looks like my website is down. Don't know how long it has been offline. I use a third party to do the hosting and changes. I am looking into it today. Donnie
  9. Oh yea, I just noticed that under my name it says "0 warning points". What is that?
  10. I have been busier than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest. This custom sporran was a special request from one of our nations finest.
  11. I haven't had a lot of time to check the forum lately, but, I wanted to show something I am trying out. It will be for sale on my Etsy store.
  12. Man, I hadn't realized how long it had been since I checked in here! Anyway, right to the point. Has anyone here hiked the West Highland Way? My wife and I have been making tentative plans to do it (so I can check it off my bucket list) in May of 2015. That will be a double whammy. We will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, and my 65th birthday (a year early) all at the same time. Any advice is more than welcome. We will be staying in shelters, B&B's as much as possible, and make use of one of the baggage moving services (so we don't have to actually carry that much every day) I am really excited about the trip.
  13. Hi Kt, I make the coasters for $15.00 each or $50.00/set of four. You can mix and match if wanted. I would have to see if I can do the BotK badge. (arthritus is getting rough). Busier than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest right now, though. (that's a good thing) Donnie
  14. I am making coasters now! Mix and match. Top one is the fathers knot, left is a celtic shamrock (Irish), right is the Red Hand of Ulster (Scots Irish), and bottom is a thistle (Scots). They have a cork back so they don't slip! Sorry about the size.