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  1. Still working as a nurse. Building out a scottish/irish themed online store. Running my smartphone app development company. Tore out the dryer venting in my house and replaced it all as it had screws connecting it all together and the lint was completely backed up filling up the venting tubes. I still have to put the ceiling back together for that one but it's pretty much completed. Building a cryptocurrency mining rig (almost done). I have to repaint my office, my wife picked out a flesh colored pink tone that was supposedly tan. It's a no from me. Once my office is back together then I can really finish up the store, so I'm looking forward to that. Lots of shoveling the driveway because it's Wisconsin. Lots of family time getting in there as well.
  2. That's kind of what I figured. I'm going to go ahead with it and see what happens.
  3. I'm working on producing a couple of products and my images of the Clan Crests I've had done need a background so I figured I would just use the Saltire, (the scottish flag), as a background, and my question is, is there any reason that anyone knows of that this imagery would be historically inappropriate? These won't be going live for a bit. As far as I can tell this is ok but if I'm wrong I would like to know now. Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm checking in again regularly, just recently found the KiltsRock Facebook page.
  5. That story was awesome to read! Hope you feel better.
  6. Still can't pull it up on my Kindle, but I'll keep looking.
  7. Tried to find it on my Kindle but couldn't find it, I'll keep looking, but is the book Kindle version specific? Whitesmoke
  8. Sounds like Y'all need some of the track'n'go: https://youtube.com/watch?v=XwpKjEa4LYY Whitesmoke
  9. The reality is that sometimes a person wants to wear a kilt just for fun. That leads them to buying the most available product ever which is the kilt towel starter kit. It's a towel, it's a kilt, wear it at the beach or in the shower, or wear it to the Highland Games. Artisans and Craftsman are suffering all over because most of what they make can be surrogated by something made more cheaply and more expeditiously in another country than they can make themselves. It is difficult to both make a product and explain to the buyer why the product is better or more suited to their needs than a cheaper version. My first kilt was $400. My second kilt was $238 from a very respectable merchant I found here. My next kilt will most likely be a utilikilt, namebrand, just because I want one. After that I plan on buying a kilt from paul or lady crystal just because they are great artists. Here's the problem: nobody else knows that they are great artists but us. I'm sure there's a lot more difficulty from their point of view but the fact that few people beyond us know who they are is a big problem, not just for them but for the kilt producing genre. I don't know a solution but taking names and promoting them is what I do. Hope this helps the little guy. Whitesmoke
  10. Cruach Mor! - I wear clunky boots w/ clunky boots w/ scrunched down socks, as do a lot of other forum members, what's to shudder about? Aside from being non-trad. Gary, while I wouldn't choose that shoe, I also wouldn't put up a fuss about someone wearing them. I wouldn't wear them myself because the opening in front of the buckle towards the front of the shoe makes me think that they're somewhat effeminate and remind me of my sisters shoes. However if the leather came up under the buckle than it would work out fine for me. What I'm trying to say is that they remind me of my sisters shoes because of the opening, but I wouldn't hassle a guy about it as there are clear differences. It also may be just me and the shoes my sisters used to wear during grade/high school.
  11. Whitesmoke


    Very nice, and Merry Christmas to you as well Puffer.
  12. ST-103, I believe that is a level of class we all hope to achieve one day! Simply awesome!
  13. As a male nurse I can assure you that the part about knowing how you break is true!
  14. I have to use a steroid cream for my breakouts but they're never too bad. Since I've stopped smoking, drinking only now and again and wearing shorts or kilts almost all of the time except at work, I really don't have any symptoms. Also most of my breakouts were during my military time when I wore p@nt$ all the time, now I wear shorts or a kilt almost year round and the sun seems to have done the usual breakout areas some good. Don't know if that helps but I thought I'd share.
  15. Congrats on closing on the house!! Because of the houses age watch out for lead paint and any other hazardous materials you would want to get rid of while you're doing your renovation. Good Luck!