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  1. NYCO 50/50 Have not seen a sample but I believe it does have the logo on it,
  2. Anybody want a custom kilt in the new Kryptec Typhon pattern? You buy the fabric and a few materials (only sold in 10yds, you get a full Apocokilt and I get left over material to make one for me). Looking at less than $150 or so http://www.kryptek.com/wp-content/sdaolpu/2011/12/typhon1.jpg
  3. Sorry guys, the website is down but I am still making kilts.
  4. Sorry guys, still working on it.
  5. As for the flag, yes, NO ONE should have there face on the American flag; wether you think there are the second coming or the most dangerous mistake this country has ever made. As for the skirt (and it IS a skirt<opens on the left hand side>) My friends name is "Rainbow," I swear to God. And yes, she is Bi and married to a woman. I will say this and leave it be.....While I don't feel that any groups rights are more important that any others, a paying customer and friend gets what she wants!
  6. Made this one for a friend marching in a local pride parade today. Only took two days to make and played around with some new ideas.