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  1. Fugly is right. I love Utilikilts but this is a fail. I do like the smaller pleats though. I would like to see that with their usual apron width. I'd like that. This looks ridiculous.
  2. Go to your local boy scout shop. They have a product called "patch magic" It's a peel and stick glue which comes on a 8x11 backed sheet. You can custom cut to size, stick one side on, then peel off the second backer and stick the patch (or other 1/2 of the velcro in your case) to your clothing. Sticks very well, but not too well. Meaning, it stays put, but if you want to remove it it will (with a little difficulty) peel off with little to no residue.
  3. So are thes all sold out? every kilt has no option to pick a size, but still says in stock and lets me put it in the cart. am I missing something? - nevermind I get it. Have to pick the thread color 1st...
  4. 1 year old thread....just sayin. Don't know if anythng ever came of this.
  5. iPhone 4 with OS 4.0 and looks awesome!! dates are all good as well. Everything in order.
  6. Funny! Now I have to add this to Netflix when it is released on DVD.
  7. 3. It takes balls of steel to wear an outright skirt because there is no recognized historical excuse for a man to wear a skirt Agreed, on the balls of steel part, although there are plenty of historical examples of non-pleated, not a kilt yet skirt-like garments for men. Not called skirts but many other names (might consider sarongs, for example) Meh! What's in a name?!
  8. I get it. He's not presenting this as heritage though, he's presenting this as history. Not acceptable. I'f he said "hey, this is what I think might be going on based on the research I've done within my family's records..." or "you know, i know this is probably just a romantic notion, but here goes..." that'd be fine. But that's not what he's doing.
  9. Woo Hoo!! Thanks KT! Lots of great stuff going on lately.
  10. I disagree. i suppose if he and his kin want to maintain some family fantasy thats one thing, but he's posting this on the web as "fact" and has nothing to back up his story. No references. No contacts. I think that's BS. When you are proposing to rewrite history, the details do matter.
  11. wow...I don't think I can pick. However, in summer I tend toward a Utilikilt Survivor. My woolie fav's are definately my L.C. double boxes, hands down. for all the reasons mentioned.
  12. Rockin that kilt , man!! Looks good. i agree with the recommendations as stated, but there is room to develop your own sense of style about it as well.
  13. I think my jaw just hit the floor.....
  14. Yup, some high quality, intellectual discussion going on there... "Going commando? What of Scots in the Marines? Commandos commando? I heard it said the kilt is an unrivalled garment for diahorrea and fornication - it has 8 yards of material, by the time you have that gathered up either the lassie has fled home or you have pooped down your leg, either scenario is not to be envied. I remain, Yours in Kilted Glory, Ronald Urquhart-G­lenmiller-­MacNeill-M­acGregor-M­acLachan Broxted, Esq, of Strathstansted. Anyway. I guess I take issue with "childish and..." Pretty insulting to anyone who wants to make their own choice, although I agree that the idea of being a 'real scot" is nonsense.