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  1. Welcome! If you can get your hands on some Mountain Hardware Elkommando kilts, they might work.
  2. Fantastic work. Hope to have a piece some day.
  3. That's such a great place. I could always spend hours just browsing the aisles.
  4. I don't believe you. Maybe if you had pics... Ha!
  5. Alright, y'all, with all the smart phones around, you had to know there would be a social beer app. Does anyone else have Untappd? It's basically a beer social app where you can see what your friends are drinking and find similar beers to what you're drinking. Anyway, if you have the app, look me up with username "rickyk76."
  6. Welcome from a former Houstonian!
  7. You need to put a bigger pic up...
  8. Yeah, there was no getting my wife out in that weather and the mud. Glad you had a great time. Hope you bought more than the Gaelic Ale (which I love).