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  1. Actually wee wifie, a niece, & I were there from shortly after opening until about 1245 hrs. Beowulf67 was there as well and we shared some quality cigars & highland holy water. My niece purchased two cases of Irn Bru, needless to say, she enjoys it. It wasn't me piping AG - that's one tune I play only if there's money on the table. NEEDFIRE didn't really disappoint, since I knew what to expect. Shortly after they went on stage, we split. Their amplified fiddler and accompanying piper were so far outta tune the resulting discordant sounds made listening intolerable. Just one long squeaky chalkboard screech. At least Colin Grant-Adams gave a very enjoyable performance. If I'd known you were attending, certainly I would've made plans to link up.
  2. Flowers of the Forest on Halloween? That's a bit cavalier!
  3. Well you certainly have gained my attention... Highland Park perchance? http://www.highlandpark.co.uk/ A bottle of their 50 yr would do quite nicely.
  4. I hope the fest is an unprecedented success and you become buried in sales & orders. I live about an hour away and the only advertising I've seen is their website - perhaps not been paying attention closely enough. Still maintain the Celtic rock band has been substandard & excessively loud though. Hopefully this year they'll be required to decrease the volume a bit. steve
  5. It's an OK small-medium sized event - nothing particularly remarkable. This must be its 3rd or 4th year. The Celtic band that's always been there is more loud than capable. If possible locate your booth as far as possible from the stage. Chances are even money that I'll be there.
  6. Gotta watch this - unbelievably well performed. Similar to a Broadway production using no special props other than proud dads in their wedding formal wear.
  7. Never underestimate the capacity for people to ask dumbass questions. Countless time I've been asked the same when I'm kilted - and when my pipes are plainly visible in my hand.
  8. Runrigs are frequently found in the western Highlands. Somethimes they're mistaken for early Celtic or Roman earthworks. And it's not unusual to find them adjacent to ruins of stone houses & outbuildings. Evidence from the Clearances.
  9. Thanks bunches pard. I've always considered you a stand-up guy.
  10. I've lived in Memphis & surrounds most of my life and have no intention of leaving the area. Sorry you didn't enjoy your stay here. The photo was taken in western Scotland. Perhaps it's time I should find move along and find another game.
  11. Wee wifie & I spent the afternoon with our Chris (Dunadd Trading Company) in Inverary last week. Had a splendid fish & chips lunch at The George with Chris and his bride joined us. A coupla pints of a local brew too. We had another grand time in Scotland and the break from our intolerably hot summer was very welcome.