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  1. Yesss ! Drakkar ! Montgomery is a Normand name... They invaded the Saxons with Willam the Conqueror... Best, Robert
  2. It works ! Thank you ! All the best ! Robert
  3. Just don't seems to work as it used to .... Can someone please tell me the right way of posting pictures here ? Thank you ! Robert
  4. My new Montgomery Tartan Waistcoat ![/img][/img][/img][/img] Best, Robert
  5. Please check out this link : http://lady-chrystel...argyll-ang.html Best, Robert
  6. More photos coming up soon ! I promise ! All the best and thank you ! Robert
  7. One last series of photos : In praise of the couple ... Our faithful dog, Ripaille ![/img] Best ! Robert
  8. I'm using the normal photobucket I use in all forums ! can someone help ? a few more ... more to come if we find a solution. ...
  9. There's going to be a wedding... I was clad in Montgomery tartan ! OK ! Time to go, lassie ! The back team is ready... Louise Evangéline … More to come ...
  10. Thank you ! 59 today ! Best, Robert
  11. Great photos ! Thank you for sharing ! Best, Robert
  12. I see exactly what you want , and it will look great.... The thing is , it will require skill and a lots of time. Lady Chrystel could do it , but she won't because the kilt will turn out to be something way over priced for a simple customized garment. and where is the satisfaction, the fun for her... ? Now she would be very interested in making such a kilt from scratch. You would have a 100 per cent Lady Chrystel Kilt, and it would be worth every penny. Best, Robert
  13. For my excellent friends on this forum, here is a little tutorial on how I wear my Day's Plaid : First version : http://i254.photobuc...7519_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...3283_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...5276_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...1480_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...2059_n.jpg[/img] Second version : http://i254.photobuc...7873_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...1164_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...2559_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...9532_n.jpg[/img] http://i254.photobuc...7103_n.jpg[/img] Best, Robert