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  1. I am still alive and kicking. First and foremost I want to apologize for my lack of communication! I do not want to sound like I am laying on a big sob story, so will give you the condensed version. The week after Thanksgiving my uncle passed, I ended up taking an unexpected trip to California for a funeral. (This is in part why I am so behind) The lack of contact however is related to this trip. While in California my laptop bag was stolen with my laptop and my cell phone in it. (Yes, I am an idiot and left it in plain view and ran into a store for "just a minute" without locking the car!!) My desktop computer hard drive disk crashed on me several months ago. I have had access to the internet only on my wifes netbook, and didn't want to have my emails bogging her netbook, and spread over 2 computers. It has taken longer than expected to get my desktop back up and running. I just got it up and working this weekend and after updates and getting everything installed just got my email back up as of last night. I have a bunch of email to shift through, but assure you I WILL contact everyone. Anyone trying to call, I still have no phone. My replacement should be here by Thursday. There has been a lot going on here and i am very sorry for the delays and lack of communication. I guarantee you there is NO scam involved and I will take care of any orders outstanding. If you would prefer I refund your money, I will do so. Anyone that has an order with me can expect an email response within the next day or two as I get caught up. Please accept my sincere apology and rest assured I will make things right. Gary
  2. Gosh, I apologize for once again bringing this discussion back to the original posters questions and interrupting the great debate! Yes, they are cheerful AND comfortable! That is why I wear them! Where do I come from? I was born in California, but moved to Oregon when I was about 7 and consider myself an Oregonian. My family history appears to be mostly German/Welsh. As for are the styles of pleats especially significant? I will let the other "experts" here hash that out. As for what I personally wear under MY kilt, I have to go with what many others have said. As a general rule, I prefer to be comfortable, which is to say I enjoy the breeze. However, depending on the function, I will wear something under it if I feel it is necessary depending on the circumstances/event I am attending. I started wearing kilts (Mostly modern style) a few years ago simply because I like the way they look and the fact that they are very comfortable. Not having a Scottish history the historical relevance is not as important to me as it is to others. Although I very much enjoy learning the history, it plays less of a factor in my choice to wear kilts than to many others.
  3. I am alive and kicking. Been a bit out of it lately, but email on it's way Steve.
  4. Hey. I am actually still around once in a while....
  5. I am still working on updating the Web Site. I am set up in the new place and will start taking orders. I have a few projects I have to finish, but if you want to start the ball rolling on something, shoot me an email or call. Phone number is listed on the contact page at the site. Email is Gary(at)
  6. It can get addictive. It is a lot of fun once you get the basics to play around with some of the other weaves as well. Can't wait to see some pics.
  7. OH YEAH!! I have a bit of an addiction to watches, and that includes pocket watches. That one is a beauty brother.
  8. CWK Gary

    Night Desert Camo

    If you are able to score us some Desert DPM, you are gonna have a couple of very grateful friends....
  9. I am with Nick on this, and I DID order one of the kilts. Mine is not great, but wearable and doesn't look all that bad. I will probably be doing some work on it to make it a little better and replacing the straps. Now as for the story about the middle man being responsible. Well, that is true, IF he is a middle man. A middle man buys wholesale, marks up a bit of profit for himself, and re-sells. It is my understanding that Daron did not mark up prices or make any money on the kilts. I have thought about it some and think of it this way. This last summer someone asked me to get him a sword for the an organization they belong to with my discount at Bud K. I got the sword for him at my cost. I did this as a favor for this person, not to make money. Now if they had received the sword and decided it was crap and they didn't want it, am I liable? Should I have to take the sword back and eat the cost of it if Bud K doesn't take it back? I did it at no profit to try to help a brother out. This is kind of how I see the kilt mess. Daron did what he could to try to get people kilts they wanted. It sucks that so many of them came out crappy, and weren't really made properly, but I don't think people should be forming a lynch mob for Daron when he was just trying to help. Just my 2 cents worth, and worth every penny you paid for it.
  10. So, I got home from work this morning, after a 12 hour shift, and instead of going to bed decided to do this. Whipped this out before going to my mom's house for Thanksgiving. Here you have the CWK version of the BotK kilt. A modern style, reverse kingussie pleated kilt. It is still a work in progress. I will add the cloth sporran and cargo pockets to it as well. To the pics! The back. And the pleat shot. It is light compared to the traditional and quite comfortable. Pleats are about 3 inches wide, fastens with velcro. All the family thought it was nice. What do you think?
  11. Here is the "Matrix" coat I made. In the first picture I am wearing p@nt$. Here is the same coat when I am wearing a kilt. (Yeah, notice what the sign says?)
  12. Yeah, someone hasn't been paying attention. Paul makes his own kilts, and they are all pretty spectacular. I of course am partial to some of his wilder, not so traditional ones. Looks great as usual Paul, and I love that tartan. I am partial to the earth tone and darker tartans.
  13. Well, I am a little late to the party Robert, but I would have voted for #5 as well. That is beautiful, and I am sure will be made even more so once your wife has worked her magic on it.
  14. Here is one of Haegl's leather straps in action. Awesome with my Wyvern Punisher sporran! I also have a cool brown paracord one that works great with my Thorfinn sporran.
  15. Even I voted tank if it is gonna be a freebie! I can make all the modern ones I want myself. Thanks for your opinion. Like they say, opinions are like....well, you know.
  16. You got it! Putting fresh batteries in the cattle prod....
  17. Thanks guys. The Nubster is too, and I have been admittedly slow at getting in touch with folks. I am way behind on some orders and have the next few weekends (long 4 day weekends at that ) to start getting caught up! Check yer email Nubby!
  18. Yeah, this really is personal preference. I can tell you most folks do wear modern style lower on the hips, like jeans. Hell, I think I even wear mine lower than my jeans. Where ever it feels most comfortable for you, that is the right place to wear it!
  19. Hey Nubster. Sorry, I am still around, sort of. I am still adjusting to the new work schedule and this last month has been hectic. Not dogging you here, just letting you know, and anyone else that may need to contact me. PM's here are not a good way to get in touch with me. I have only been able to log in a couple times a week, and that is usually on my way out the door to work or just before bed. Either way, I usually am too hurried or tired to respond and just check new posts. Then, being as scatter brained as I am lately, I forget to check back in and respond. Hit the website and go to the contact page. My email is there and I am much better about getting emails out than PM's anywhere. Also my cell phone number is listed and you can call it anytime. If I don't answer, DO leave a message. I am either at work or sleeping but I WILL call you back ASAP. You can also send a text message to the cell number. As for your PM's Nubs, I got them and will shoot you an email or give you a call tomorrow. I am once again just on my way out the door headed to work. If you prefer I give you a call, shoot me an email with your number and the best time to call. Sorry about the delay bro, I will talk to you one way or another tomorrow.
  20. Well, CWK = Celtic Warrior Kilts and Gary is my name. Those of you that have been around a while know I started as Wolfgore. That is the name I usually use for anything online. Wolfgore is the name I gave to a little wizard cartoon character I started drawing back when I was in 5th or 6th grade.
  21. I bought 4 pair of these, including the biege ones, which are a good tan or khaki color. Been very happy with them.
  22. Another place to check out. I haven't ordered anything from them yet, but have looked through and they have some cool stuff at reasonable prices.