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  1. Thats Nat'l Geo quality, dude! Beautiful!
  2. Just making sure the "peeping Janes" aren't bothering you.

  3. Used to have a SHandy, Sam Adams and 1/2 sprite when I was pregnant , occasionally, further along in my pregnancy. Now the thought of Shandy makes me gag.
  4. I think you should call the police, at least document what happened. I feel for your boy, he sounds like such a great kid. I think Gary should go over to the little creeps house, and and show how masculine kilts are. Let the little weenie say something to Gary. I hope it works out, no one should feel like that going to school. Keep me posted...
  5. Diane, as your sister and matron of honor, I am eagerly awaiting my custom - made tartan bridesmaid kilted dress, I just have to go for one more fitting!! What a beautiful Celtic-Scottish themed intimate event this will be! I am proudly awaiting brother MacMoose as my new in -law.
  6. And a redhead by your side, like me
  7. I can't wait to get my kilted custom-made bridesmaid dress on order, Diane!
  8. Those are great pictures, Rpbert, I hope you were no laid up for too long!
  9. Just a wee but off topic, but the nurses are going to love you, and may make an an extra round or two into wifes' room to"check" stuff..LOL..
  10. Ron, you are a well put together , handsome romantic man. Kilts just make you all the more sexy!
  11. I think you would get that reaction kilt or no kilt, Mr. CK!
  12. Puffer, thats was so nice, you're a treasure.