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  1. Even wind and train cant stop a great adventure, nor fog nor stone.
  2. A little something for all my Kilted Friends at this time of the Year.
  3. Part of the Kilted to Kick Cancer organization, Davis has a personal tie to the disease.
  5. This is an interesting music video of Great Kilted Drummers and one lone Piper!
  6. Is it just me or have I seen a lot more Scottish Games and gatherings these last couple of years? This weeked in The Twin Cities during the several weeks long Renaissance Festival its Highland weekend, I see a games scheduled for this month in Aberdeen SD, had I known this a couple of weeks ago I would have gone its just a little over 3 hours south of me. Here is one in the SF Bay Area I think: Twin Cities:
  7. More and more I keep running in to positive mentions of Kilts and skirts for men. I think its all having an effect. Bit by bit ideas and normals change only when we force the change without being belligerent! Herfe is an article that thinks its a good idea and welcomes it! I have more kilts than I can imagine and probalbly about 8 skirts, or would not be considered kilts in the common definition (mostly pleated in tartans easy to work in and clean). This past year or so I have only been able to wear a couple of them but that is changing daily!
  8. Another great example of the Individual leading the way, even during a recession that cripples the government. In the meantime with all these companies churning out many styles of this age old smart and fun garment, more and more people are taking notice. I read about several companies that cannot keep up with demand with their online business. While the traditional kilt maker in Scotland is slowing going the way of the buggy maker, Kilt making is spreading world wide. And why not? Its a garment that is smart, makes sense for the Male anatomy and is a heck of a lot of fun to wear!
  9. Wont be long before California either bands this, taxes it or makes it a crime. Enjoy while you can!
  10. I am starting to like these a lot, especially the leather one. Spendy but no one but me to say NO! I am saving my coins and hopefully as I get down to a reasonable weight I will be able to get one. I would like to try the hiking one as well. The one with chains might look a bit daffy on someone my age.
  11. HEHE, well I have my secrets, but I love to search the net and have done so for many many years starting in 1995! Usually I am looking for tube electronic items to rebuild, amps, communication receivers and the like, then I search for music and information about artists and the like , also cars, and of course Kilts. I am hooked, even tho this last year and a half I have not been able to get into any of my full kilts, I can still squeeze, squeeze here being the operative word, into a couple of my utility style kilts for special occasions. That is changing now as my knees are better, I am walking a lot lately and so the pounds are coming off with a goal to wear my Dress Gordon at Christmas time!
  12. I think it looks fine, I like when the kilt hits the top edge of the knee, the Bonnie knees! They should show! When I see Kilts at the center of the knee or below thats when they look like old maids skirts.
  17. Andrew Hello from North Dakota! I am from the Clan Hanna, Hannah, Hannay as well. My Great Great Grandfather emigrated to USA from Canada by way of Manitoulin (sp?) Island in the Great lakes, (part of Canada) to their from Nova Scotia and Northern Ireland from Sorbie area in Scotland. My Dads Grandmother on his Dads side was a Hannah and my Dads Grandmother on hid Moms Side was a Hannah as well.
  18. AC DC membners were involved in Scottish Pipe bands in Australia and there first big hit, Its a long way to the top if your gonna rock and roll, features 3 bagpipes. Now this gent has done ACDC Thunderstruck with bagpipes and wearing a black leather kilt!
  19. Ok..hmm was I banished? LOL, I am not on the map, I looked outside and I am here, however I am not mapped!
  20. The digital camo kilt is now available for purchase on the store. http://www.tactikilt...gital-camo.html is the direct link. It says on that page that the kilt is no longer available!
  21. Nobody in Clover Saturday had the guts to say that the dozens of burly, massive guys throwing poles and steel balls and stones called “clachnearts” were wearing skirts. Read more here:'>
  22. Aw this in rumaging around, they looked nice, and yes its "girls" but still smart!
  23. heheh, ya gotta post this to FB this is funny!