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  1. Yeah, I've kind of dragged my feet on listing it. Thought of it again last night but was too lazy to get out the camera to take some pics... lol Interested?
  2. Looks like I'm gonna put this up on ebay in the next few days when I get a chance.
  3. I have a black size 42 for sale here on the Brotherhood. I ordered the wrong size. Wore it once. Selling it for $10 off the original price.
  4. Well, Professor ThickFingers QuickyClicky here ordered this one in a size too large. I must have clicked on size 42 instead of 40 when I ordered it late one night before I went to bed. When it came in I didn't even notice the mistake, ripped the tags off, and wore it to church. Once. And noticed it felt a little loose. Checked the size when I got home and saw the mistake. It was too late to try to return it, so I ordered the right size and am selling this one. They're out of this size now, so who knows when they'll be available again. I'll wash it and package it up, and it can be yours for $70+shipping. Any interest?
  5. I wear mine (probably my favorite kilt) at traditional waist/navel level. I wish the apron was a BIT wider, but other than that I don't think I'd change anything about it! It's pretty much perfect. I want to order another, but can't decide on a far!
  6. Planning on getting the VTX out this week! Not in a kilt though...maybe again when it gets warmer.
  7. Congratulations! Our finalization papers were dated April 15...finally something good happening on that day. lol
  8. Thanks guys. It did turn out nice, and I'm not talented at all Eugene, just pretty! lol THAT'S why I had a friend do it.
  9. A VERY good friend of mine wanted to help convert a Harris Tweed sport coat she picked up at the second hand store to a kilt jacket. The perfect excuse was the recent 4th grade "My Guy and Me" dance with The Lass. So we had a deadline...then it was trying to meet it! lol We think it turned out pretty nice! And although elementary school dances aren't really my favorite events it was a really good time, for BOTH The Lass AND I!
  10. Vulcans are nice bikes. I get crap for wearing kilts MUCH more when it's cold here in MN, too. When I explain I haven't found a socially acceptable way to combine it with motorcycling most people understand. lol
  11. Through January I've ridden at least once every month for two years here in Minnesota. Looks like that's going to end this month... I've got some maintenance stuff I need to do, too, but it's been too dang cold in the garage to even want to LOOK outside!!
  12. Doesn't hurt to have Evangeline Lilly next to you, either!! lol
  13. AHHH!! Just came across something on facebook. Looks like the actor is John Bell. He plays Bard's son, Bain. Cool.