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  1. Has anyone seen or tried this one?
  2. I voted, and will be there to see this record breaking awesomness!
  3. That sounds like it could be a good thing
  4. Have FUN Capt!!! I want to see pics when you get back.
  5. Scottish Hog


    I've got 87* outside, 82*on the thermostat, AC not turned on, fan blowing doors open, and very muggy. I LOVE the Summer!!! I also love the fall, spring and winter as well, and just as much.
  6. Scottish Hog


    Isnt summer wonderful?
  7. I have a very strong and good relationship with my son (8 yrs). We are buddies and friends, BUT, a good parent is a parent 1st before a friend. A good parent will teach a child right from wrong, and train them in the way they need to go in life. As a dog is trained to sit and stay, or not eat off a dinner plate full of food within reach, or the way a soldier is trained to fight, handle a weapon, or how to handle stressful situations, the same applies to children. Teach them what to do, how to do it and practice doing it. Correct them when it is done wrong, discipline them when they intentionally do it apart from your instruction and reward them when they get it right. Let them make mistakes that will not damage them for life, protect them from those that will. I am strict yet just, I may not always be fair, but try my best to always be just. Most of all give boundaries, be consistent, and allow freedoms age appropriate, with no tolerance for boundary breaking. Win the big battles no matter how long it takes, be loving and always do what is best for your childs welfare. That does not mean give them what they want when they want it, nor does it mean giving all the latest gismos. Give them the ability to appreciate difficulties and good times, give them the opportunity to work for something desired, so the object of that desire will be that much more welcome. Dont be afraid to let your little one touch the hot stove and burn a finger or 2, they will learn more from experience under your guidance than gthey will by you simply saying dont touch it, its hot. And never forget to let them know how much you love them. Tell them daily. OK I am now rambling so I will get off here, thanks for reading this far. Oh 1 last thing teach a child that 1 of the most important assets they have in life is a good name!!!!
  8. Hey Dustin..just stoppin by to say howdy hi agn..good to meet you at WM in FYV...Doc

  9. a local restaurant had a costume party, movie themed. I was planning to go but at last minute I had nothing to wear. I ran down to the costume store and found a "Mad Hatter" costume from Alice in Wonderland. So I was the mad hatter, and my son went as "the night sky". He was dressed all in black with glow in the dark stars covering him. I wont let him be anything scary or evil and that makes him be a little more creative. The day before (Satueday) he was a knuckle head, went to the school fair with a skeleton hand showing the knuckles with a hat on his head. A few years back he went as a lamp and got his picture in the local newspaper. My mad hatter costume was good, because I was able to wear my kilt. I dont like to show it as a costume, but if I can wear it with one I am happy. After all Johnny Depp wears a kilt a couple times in that movie.
  10. The little kid in the middle (tv show) went as Charles Stuart McKenzie as his halloween costume, dressed in a flat cap, tweed jacket, and kilt complete with sporran. Keeps repeating he died of bayonet wounds in the great war. Just thought I would pass this on. Can't seem to find a video (yet)
  11. the drunken assasin - the in your face, loud, deadly, super weapon of whisky destruction
  12. I'm sorry I missed this post. Welcome from NW Arkansas