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  1. duplicate post. sorry. delete plz.
  2. Hey guys and gals. Its been a long time. last few years of my life have been kind of nuts and i find myself back in my home state of MA which brings me to why im suddenly back here. I was food shopping at walmart today and i saw a truck tricked out in BOTK stuff. big "KILTSROCK.COM" on the tailgate. so which one of you shops at my walmart? anyway good to be back i hope to be around a bit more now.
  3. im lookin for a new modern kilt. too bad none of those will fit me. BTW nice to see ya again.
  4. welcome! i'm also from NJ. what part you in? i moved from boston about 4 years ago and now me and my wife live right outside NYC.
  5. LOBO

    A Big Time Jones

    im still in the hunt for a utility kilt and altkilts is on my list of possibles. that leather one looks very nice.
  6. replace the polo with a t-shirt and i have that same outfit. my punisher sporran hasn't gotten nearly enough use.
  7. i used to wear my 511 tactical boots 24/7 but recently ive changed over to my batman all-stars. http://www.journeys.com/product.aspx?id=170230
  8. i just saw that last night and totally missed the kilt. it suits him.
  9. chrome is best. now back to what this thread was actually about.
  10. i've been very much gettin in touch with my "caveman" side ever since i moved to NJ. I think its my bodies way of balancing out all the urban development im surrounded by. making stone tools seems like a natural step.
  11. I didnt actually know this was something people did but now that i do i definately wanna try it does anyone here do it? or have you tried it? i'd love to try making a knife this way someday but right now i just need to know how to find flint lol
  12. i been wanting to try it but i got put on the waiting list as well.
  13. when cash isnt quite so tight i will definitely be getting one. and as other have said KT, i'll pay for it. i dont feel right putting anyone else out.
  14. i should probably note mine are the casual, not wool.
  15. ive been lazy and thrown my USAkilts in the dryer. didnt hurt em at all. even the pleats stay nice. just take out and wear.
  16. i was looking at this one from the same guy EBAY but i too would like to know more about the manufacturer before buying.
  17. i saw the TT at the PA renn faire years ago. it was great.
  18. all my kilts at this point are USAkilts and i love em. easy to care for, well made, and look great. i'll have to try and make it to the PA fling someday.
  19. LOBO

    Stumptown Kilts

    yeah mark, have you heard anything from anyone that bought one? good or otherwise? and yeah i was looking at alt-kilt but again didnt know of anyone who had one. now that i hear 2 good reviews i'll have to look at em again. actually maybe thats something that should be put on the site. a place where each vendor is listed with the reviews they have gotten.
  20. LOBO

    Stumptown Kilts

    you know i been in the hunt for a utility kilt and that brown one look none too shabby. although i would like to hear some reviews before putting down 185 bucks for one.
  21. looks good on ya. now come the many many more.
  22. i just found out there is a tilted kilt near me. i didnt think there was one in my area.
  23. it mostly is but i also worry about the fell and such. i know that with the casual USA kilts i have all i did was give the measurements of how i wear em, but im always worried when it comes to a heavier more traditionally designed kilt.