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    Working hard trying to be a good dad. Hobbies other than all things Scottish include off-roading in my Jeep, my edged weapon collection, hiking, wood crafts and teaching my son different sports.
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  1. Nice dog there! Looks like my Dingo's lil sis! Dingo's about 6 years old now.
  2. With the bad economy and me trying to stay above water I haven't purchased anything kilt related since this past summer. I have a cheap ebay sporran and a Max pouch I use as a casual sporran so I'm thinking a decent sporran will help ease my withdraw symptoms. The wife gave the ok... as long as it doesn't break the bank. The problem I'm having is that there are so many nice ones out there including the ones by the merchants here that I can't make up my mind. How about posting up pics of your sporrans? Being worn would be a plus.
  3. Great! Now another thing to tempt me with!
  4. Nice treat Paul! Very smart indeed.
  5. There's a lot of good places to eat here, but Megs is right... have to hit up Primanti's. You can pritty much stop any Pittsburgher on the street and they will tell you where to go. If you're a bar hopper then Carson Street is the place to be. Have to be a hundred bars there. The Strip too for clubbin n'@. Can always find a good time in the Burgh.
  6. Congrats dude! Good to hear someone is doing better these days.
  7. Nicely done! Is there anything you can't do KC?
  8. Nice KC! That looks like it took some time and it shows. You sir, keep outdoing yourself.
  9. 1. sported a mullet.(yea... the glorious 80s) 2. never finishing college.(regret every day) 3. hooking up with the wrong girl.(reason for #2) 4. picked up the smoking habit.(still trying to quit) 5. trying to find myself.(another way of saying I was dumb) What a waste of a decade.
  10. Good stuff all, but BeeMan... thats just crazy cool. I like the giant bees under the honeycomb work.
  11. Very nice KC! Classy and rustic all in one.
  12. My wife was all for me wearing the kilt. My first time out with it was for St. Paddy's Day a few years ago. She was happy I was wearing it, but forced me to wear boxers under it. Found out later she was worried about unwanted kilt checks. Now she doesn't care.
  13. Good thread George! Back in the day when I was heavily into the martial arts and sword play, a heavy hardwood stick was my tool for training before I was allowed to move on to the steel. The tennis ball trick also brings back memories. It's also a good tool for focusing hand and foot strikes. Although I don't carry a stick regularly, it's nice to know that if need be and something similar is around, that it could be used with some effectiveness. Well done sir!