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  1. well get him some coffee and tell him to wake up!
  2. hahahahahahahahaha you should have said this super funny
  3. so you gunna send it to me for free?
  4. A: Angel and the Badman (1947) B: Bad Taste (Peter Jackson's first movie) C: Casino Royale D: Daigorô: Kozure ôkami Jigoku e ikuzo! (Lone Wolf & Cub: White Heaven in Hell) E: Easy Rider F: Friday the 13th
  5. A: ... And Justice for All, Metallica B: Beer & Sex & Chips & Gravy, The Macc Lads C: Cosmo's Factory, Creedence Clearwater Revival D: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC
  6. Get some more mario games thy are the best and appropriate for everyone there are like 8 mario games for the ds and if its not the ds light then there are a lot of mario games for the gameboy also pokemon games are the best they stay entertaining and playable for along time but as any game will probably be played in cycles try to stick with the classics you may be able to find a arcade game collaboration were you can play traditional arcade games so there will be variety for one game.
  7. you could get a kilt made that is the same fabric as the p@nt$ and say oops! i hear gary does a good job
  8. Say Anything Children of bodem Richard Cheese M.C Chris The Coats
  9. i think i did i rated the pic so yea...
  10. in this new games one of my freinds is running im in a lvl 15 and its an evil game were we need to have an army and we have fortress's and i cant come up with a with a non spell casting class does any one have any ideas on how to build an army without mind control or summoning?
  11. just have your D'n'D books ready and make sure your close friends don't turn into Rad. zombies PS. keep extra pork and beans to survive on.